West Geauga: The Hockey Club
by Joe Delanis, Staff Writer

The West Geauga Hockey team finished up its most impressive season yet with a respectable 7-13-1 record, with one of those wins coming from a major 4-2 upset over divisional rival Euclid – a team that shut them out 6-0 earlier in the season. In fact, were it not for injuries to critical players, juniors Chuckie Bolt, Evan Martin, and Sean Gergacs, it is very likely this would have been an even better season.
“[We] made great strides this season,” said coach Justin Madden, “and every observer noticed an improvement… [though] we need[ed] to do better in the CVC Holiday Tournament.” Junior Connor Madden led the team in goals scored, and first-time player, junior Dan Szczepinski, had a strong debut season. “Dan [improved the most over the course of the season], no question,” remarked Coach Madden. He is looking to be a cornerstone of the team his senior year.
The team was all set and ready to go headed into the playoffs, looking to pull an upset and beat a tough Aurora team, but, unfortunately, they fell to the Greenmen. “We felt very confident we could pull off a win,” said Coach Madden, “[unfortunately, it] didn’t go that way.”
Still, the Wolverines did so well, that one can only imagine how good they will be next year.