The Future Lady Wolverines
by Jourdyn Heilinger, Staff Writer

A small team with big dreams, that’s what the junior varsity girls basketball team was this season. The young team of mostly freshmen faced many challenges. But, it was these challenges that brought great accomplishments and memories to the young ladies. They eventually learned to work together to achieve the many team and personal goals they set.
Each time the girls stepped onto the court, they came ready to play. “From a coach’s perspective, the most exciting aspect of the season was that on any given day, any player could step up and have an amazing game,” said Ms. Cheryle Rye. Stephanie Swartz and Stephanie Javorek proved this to be true in their January 19th win versus Orange. With 19 and 10 points scored, respectively, the girls helped lead the team to a season high of 47 points. On February 2 the junior varsity team shined again with a nail-biter versus Aurora. The girls pulled through and tied the game in the 4th quarter, giving them the chance to take it all in overtime. Amanda Mazzurco and Amy Reinhard stood out, scoring 10 and 9 points, respectively. With only one sub on the bench, the girls put forth all their effort and played the game of their lives. Sadly they short by two points.
By working with the varsity team, the JV team was able to see, first hand, what it takes to become a Lady Wolverine. Although they fell a bit short in the win column, they played with heart and determination. “Ultimately I believe that the tremendous work ethics and positive attitudes of the JV players will be key factors in their development, and my hope is that these young ladies continue to grow in their passion for the game,” said Rye.