Neighbors On the Look Out
by Abigail Sims, co-Assistant Editor

The police force of Chester Township certainly does its part in making our community a safe place to live. The citizens, however, are beginning to also play a major role in helping law enforcement. In order to solve crime and address social concerns, the police department will start to work together with the people of our township. Starting Neighborhood Watch programs is the best way to do this, as they are referred to as the, “Eyes and Ears” of law enforcement. In this program, neighbors will look out for each other as well as their property. They will also report suspicious activities to the police department.
For this program to work to its full potential, the people of the community need to unite and become motivated to reduce crime and improve society. The students at West Geauga High School can do their part in helping the law enforcement officers by reporting any illegal activity that they hear about. In order to report any concerns or start a Neighbor Watch Program, please contact Sgt. John Barco at (440)729-9446 ext. 113, who is the head of the programs.
Let’s have all of the people of Chester Township work together to make this place the safest it can be! No one likes to live in an unsafe community, which is why it is so important for every member of our Township to work towards keeping each other safe. It is for the good of our lives, our neighbors’ lives, and our entire community!