American Gladiators…true American Heroes
By Joe Barille Staff Writer

American Gladiators has returned after 14 years. There are new gladiators new events and new hosts; hosted by Hulk Hogan, you know it’s going to be a quality television program. “I’ve been waiting 14 years for the show to come back but its back now and I love it.” Tim Baulkovic.
One of the gladiators is from Cleveland. Her gladiator name is Siren, but people in Cleveland know her as Alison Paton. She is one of the better female gladiators. “Crush is, for sure, the hottest gladiator and I have a crush on her” said Brendan Mooney.
Some of the other gladiators include Wolf, a hairy man with well trimmed goatee that howls at people, and, Titan, the most jacked guy with a nice tight silver power suit.