Dear Abbey,

I don’t know what to do for my special someone on Valentines Day. We’ve been together for a while and I want to make this Valentine's Day extra special. Do you have any suggestions?
Confused Christi

Dear Confused Christi:
If you want to take your dearest sweetheart out for an extra special Valentine's Day, perhaps you should be using your imagination and whisking him away on a unique and exciting evening. Trying something out of the ordinary, like taking a leisurely walk around Chagrin Falls, will surely make him feel appreciated. The waterfalls will set a romantic mood and the chilly weather will provide you with the opportunity to take your special someone for a cup of hot cocoa afterwards. While sipping on your cocoa and warming yourself up, there will be plenty of time for the two of you to have a long, intimate talk.
If staying home for a quiet evening is more your style, you definitely should think about cooking your Valentine a classic candle lit dinner. Find out what his/her favorite dish is and impress your sweetie with your culinary skills by whipping it up with ease. Be sure to add charm and elegance to the evening by dressing up the room a little with special Valentines Day decorations.
Perhaps you are searching for something easier and more convenient to get your Valentine. By simply stopping at the store and picking up a dozen roses, a big box of chocolate, or even a giant teddy bear, you can sweep your special someone off his/her feet. Better yet, try making a gift like a giant Valentines Day card, homemade chocolates, or something truly special that will show how much you care. Homemade gifts always show effort and love from the heart, so give it a shot! However, if you are on a tight budget this year and happen to possess musical talent, maybe you should attempt to write your Valentine a song about how much he means to you. It will surely show deep thought and effort and is almost a guarantee that your Valentine will appreciate it, no matter how good (or bad) your song is! No matter what you do for you Valentine, as long as you show effort and make it an enjoyable and special evening, your special someone will surely appreciate your effort!