We’ve Only Just Begun
by Chris Amicarelli, Staff Writer

The girl’s gymnastics season is off to a fresh start and the hopes are high. After being CVC champs in 2006 then getting dethroned and finishing in a close second in 2007, the girls look to rise to the top again as conference champions. “We keep coming up just short in our meets. We’ve been doing better and better as the season goes on but we still need to make a big step up if we want to win and accomplish something major,” said stud junior gymnast Emilee Clark.
In the first meet of the year the team finished in second out three with a loss to NDCL and a victory over Mayfield. The next meet the girls finished in third as Chardon proved to be too good for us and NDCL. And most recently was a fourth place finish behind Magnificat, NDCL, and Rocky River.
The winter season is a long season for any team. Starting practice as early as November and hopefully making it all the way to the state meet which will be held in Columbus on February 29th and March 1st. The team has been going five days a week whether it’s practice or a meet. With this type of schedule week in and week out it is very impressive that the girls have not caught the injury bug. The team is healthy and ready to make a run at CVC then finish out their season with Sectionals, Districts, and States. Sectionals and Districts will be hosted here at West Geauga, so get your butt up here and give them some support.