Kate Snyder: One of the Youngest Delegates in the Nation!
by Kathleen Dolphin, Editor

When someone says, “Democratic Delegate,” you will probably get one of two pictures in your head: 1.) ….a giant question mark OR 2.) an old man with an oversized presidential T-shirt and a huge picket sign with a patriotic donkey on it. But think again, fellow students! Senior Kate Snyder has just become one of the youngest delegates in the nation!
To answer the question half of you are asking, a delegate is someone who goes to a presidential primary to cast his/her vote for the party’s Presidential nominee. For example, there are three main democrats running for president: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards. If Kate is lucky, she will go to the Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado in late August and vote for who the democrats will send to the Presidential polls.
To answer the other question, it took Kate many steps to become a delegate. First, in December, she had to register her intent to run as a candidate for Ohio delegate and pledge to a Presidential candidate. She had to strategize at this step because if the candidate she pledges to doesn’t end up winning (or at least doing well), then she won’t get to go to the Democratic National Convention. Kate pledged to Hillary Clinton, thinking it would be her best shot because she has Governor Ted Strickland’s endorsement.
The next step was to send out e-mails to Geauga Democratic Women’s Caucus and other Geauga Democrats, telling them about herself, explaining her intent and asking for their support. She went to the election at Lakeland Community College on January 3rd. Our district, number 14, includes parts of seven counties and is allowed six delegates total, 3 males and 3 females. For the first hour, she walked around introducing herself and then had to give a short speech explaining why she should be elected. Of the 6 women running Kate came in second! Out of the total 11 people running to become a delegate, Kate said she thought she was, “…the only one under, like, age 45 or 50.”
Now all Kate has to do is wait until the March 4th primary to see if Hillary does well, meaning Kate will get to go to the Convention. “It would be an amazing to be able to go to the DNC. I would be able to meet the presidential candidates and vote on the party platform and cast an actual vote on national TV.” Kate will use this once-in-a-life-time experience to inspire her peers to become involved, vote, and be active in politics and their communities.
Kate was inspired by the Geauga Democratic Women’s Caucus meetings she’s been attending with some fellow members of Students for Change, a student-run club at our high school. She’d also like to thank Kristen Szappanos, Melissa Alcorn, Mary Moriarty and the Students for Change who’ve been supportive of her and came to vote for her at the election.
If you want to support Kate, vote for Hillary! Congratulations, Kate!