SAT’s and ACT’s
by Jordan Jukiewicz, Staff Writer

If you are planning on applying to a four-year college, taking the SAT and the ACT are a must. Students are encouraged to take both tests at least once. Most students who take both tests find that they prefer one test over the other.
The SAT is offered seven times per year in October, November, December, January, March/April, May, and June. The ACT is offered six times per year in September, October, December, February, April and June. Most students should take the tests for the first sometime during their junior year of high school.
The SAT tests students’ problem solving ability. The SAT (in March 2005) recently added a new writing section and a more difficult math section the to the test. The new SAT test has replaced verbal analogies with additional reading comprehension questions. While the SAT has proven to be the less favorable test of the two, it is said to be, “easily coachable.” The topics tested are math (up to Algebra 2), reading, writing, and grammar. Guessing on the SAT is not the way to go. Points are lost for incorrect answers. 2400 is a perfect score and the national overall average is a 1500. To sign up for the SAT log on to
The ACT tests most of the curriculum and the knowledge one has acquired throughout high school. This tests is set up much more like a high school test. In the Spring of 2005 the ACT also has begun offering an optional 30 minute additional writing exam. Virtually almost all colleges will accept ACT scores along with SAT scores if one is applying in Ohio. The ACT tests Math (up to trig), reading, grammar, and science. There is no penalty for incorrect answers, so guessing won’t affect your score. 36 is a perfect score, but the national ACT average is 21. To sign up for the ACT log on to
More information regarding the SAT , SAT II, and the ACT can be found in guidance. Practice exams can be found online at