February 14th: The Day for Love!
by Leah Fry, Staff Writer/Advertising Coordinator
It’s only January, but in just a few weeks, love will, once again, be in the air as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches. Whether you have a long-time sweetheart, no sweetie at all, or just a new honey on your arm, don’t dread the day. Valentines Day can be enjoyed by everyone, solo or involved. Below are tips on how to make the holiday extra special for yourself or somebody else.

If you’re taken:

o It’s a special day. If you have something important to do and can’t make a date with your lover, don’t just let it go! Make it up to him/her at a later date; it will be worth it.
o It doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re busy after school or low on cash, swing by your special someone’s house in the evening or invite him or her over and make dinner.
o It’s all about love. This is your day to celebrate; no matter what you end up doing, be EXTRA nice!

If you’re lucky enough to have someone special in your life this Valentine’s Day, you may want to make it all it can be by giving your special someone a gift from the heart. Girls are typically easier to shop for: depending on the length and severity of your relationship. If you’re a new couple try buying your lady flowers and taking her out to dinner to a place you know she’ll like. If you’ve been together for a while, giving something personal is particularly romantic. It doesn’t have to be jewelry; just use your imagination! Girls: be creative when dreaming up the perfect gift for your guy; it’s what we do. A personalized picture frame with a photo of the two of you is a great gift no matter how long you’ve been with your sweetie. If you’ve been together for a minute, your gift doesn’t have to be Valentine themed. You can just get him something you know he’s really wanted for a while.

If you’re single:

o It’s what you make it. Realize that February 14th is just another day and either downplay it if you so choose or create your own reasons to celebrate it.
o Attitude counts. Don’t fall into a negative mindset; focus on the good things in your life like friends and family.
o Share the love. It may seem like there are couples everywhere, but take this day as an opportunity to celebrate all of the love you already have in your life. Give cards or bake something for your loved ones. Don’t forget that love is about much more than having a boyfriend or girlfriend in your life.