by Tim Balkovec

The cheerleaders have been cheering really hard for the first half of the 2008 season. Leah Fry, Martha Smith, Angela Harmon, Kelsey Johnson, Christina Sbrocca, Ellen Kubit, Kaliegh Judson, and Anita Evans are the cheerleaders for the West Geauga boys basketball team. The team is currently going through won-loss turbulence, but the cheerleaders are still pulling for them 100% of the time. Their halftime routines give the crowd an excellent show and pump up the crowd.
“Cheerleading is going really well.” said senior Leah Fry, who is a first year cheerleading and an excellent addition to the squad.
The cheerleaders are having a great season and love what they are doing. They have fun with what they do and help make the basketball games a better experience.