What’s Up with Curio?
by Michael Impullitti, Staff Writer

Curio is one of the most interesting and exciting clubs at the school. This club is basically an open forum for students (like you) to express themselves through poetry, music, art, or whatever other ways you would like. The club meets once per month and they really would like to encourage students to submit work for publication!
The club is sponsoring the second annual film festival this April. The films should be school appropriate. This is a chance for you to show off your talents and even use your imagination. The winner of the festival will receive a cash prize. The contest is open to all, so be creative! If you have any questions about getting involved with the film festival or if you would like to join Curio, you can ask Mr. Marino or Mary Moriarty.
For all you juniors out there, think about Curio. It’s a great resume “stuffer” and colleges and major universities look for your involvement in organizations like this!