by Abigail Sims,co-editor
Many people often inquire as to what the students at West Geauga busy themselves with outside of the classroom. Sadly enough, the truth is that the “lively” towns of Chesterland, Russell, Novelty, etc, do not seem to offer many exciting activities for high school students. Keeping this in mind, my question to you is, “Why not attend the annual Snowball dance?” Perhaps you would rather just park yourself on the couch, watching re-runs of shows for the second, third, or even fourth time? Or maybe just wandering around town with your friends, failing to find excitement is more your style! But why would you do any of that when you could be up at the high school, dancing the night away?!?
There has been a rumor around school that the theme of the dance has been named, “Black and White.” As a matter of fact, this is true. The decorations have been ordered; the plans have been laid out; and the D.J. has been hired. It is sure to be a night full of class, with fancy white lights and a checkered floor. Not only will the gym be decked out in black and white, but so will a majority of the dancers. The floor will be full of life and one lucky senior stud will be crowned the King of Hearts. So instead of having a normal, uneventful weekend, grab a partner or a group of friends and head to the gym! And do not forget… it is the perfect opportunity to take your special someone out for an enjoyable night right before Valentine’s Day.
However, no matter what the reason for making an appearance and showing off your moves, everyone should make sure they are at Snowball! It will most certainly be a great evening!