by Meghan Offtermatt, Assistant Editor
From the most dark and ominous alleyway comes the film of the season, Sweeney Todd. We watch as a pair of piercing eyes emerge from the foreboding mist. As the eerie voice overwhelms all other sounds, we see the never-faltering Johnny Depp, as the demon barber, Sweeney Todd.
The story of Sweeney Todd begins, as all other fairytales do, peaceful and harmonious, with a touch of perfection. Then enters the villain, a corrupt politician, seeking personal gains at all costs. He banishes Benjamin Barker (Sweeney Todd/Johnny Depp) and from him steals his beautiful wife and daughter. 15 years come to pass and Benjamin Barker escapes from his false imprisonment, thirsty for vengeance and a new identity. During this time a metamorphosis has occurred, and through wrath and spite, the demon barber, the murderer, Sweeney Todd is materialized. With the help of pie maker, Miss. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter), a vision of revenge and destruction is created for those who have wronged the menacing Sweeney Todd.
Originally a musical that opened in 1979, Sweeney Todd encompasses the clashing musical pieces created by mastermind Stephen Sondheim, the unique voices of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter and the voices of other, newly-introduced stars who fill the parts of Johanna, Sweeney Todd’s daughter, and Anthony, her suitor. The movie combines the theme dealing with what makes vengeance either right or wrong, and forces the audience to stand in the shoes of a man thirsty for just that.