by Joe Barille, Staff Writer

The West G wrestling team is continuing to dominate many teams in the area. “When opportunity comes knocking on your door you have to answer.” said Mark Delpra, a junior wrestler. So far it looks as if they did answer.
The team is doing a lot of good things that haven’t been done in a while. They slaughtered Aurora, 43-26, for their first victory over the Greenmen in over 15 years. T.C. Pazyniak hit his signature 360 to win his match. The team also won the Kentson Invitational Tournament for the first time. They beat out solid teams like Mayfield and Kenston, proving that this team’s the real deal. They are also ranked 8th in the Plain Dealer poll, the first West G team to be ranked since 1984.
“We received state points this week in the coaches poll,” said Coach Marino. The team is 13 and 3 in dual meets. They also beat state-ranked teams Ravenna and Eastwood in duals. Some of the top performing wrestlers are T.C. Pazyniak 26-3, Sam Delpra 27-3, Adam Walters 26-3, Zak Poucher 23-3, Hayden Angelotta 20-4, Frank Slapnicker 24-6, and Mike November 20-8.
The wrestling team, which is normally plagued with injuries has been fairly healthy so far this season with the exception of Eddy Duffy. Eddy suffered a left knee injury at the Bowling Green tournament. Eddy went out in a blaze of glory after beating the Aurora 130 pounder in a nail-biter. He ended it with a spladle to a pin in the last seconds of the match and received a standing ovation.