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One of the little known segments of West G's wide variety of extracurriculars is a small,
two-man debate team. This team is spearheaded by Jacob Gelman and Terry Check. These
young men are the heart and soul behind West G's small but determined debate team.
They specialize in Lincoln-Douglass style debating, where one debater is pitted up
against another. Instructed by Jean Lifter, Assistant Dean of Cleveland's John
Marshall School of Law, along with Attorney Peter Traska of the law firm Elk
and Elk, the team has had remarkable success, with Mr. Gelman taking 3rd place at the
University School Tournament, and Mr. Check taking 6th at The Midpark Invitational.

This week they will go to Hathaway Brown to debate a new topic. Resolved: it is just for
the U.S. to use military force to prevent the acquisition of nuclear weapons by nations
that pose a military threat.

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