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Dr. Daggett Speaks September 25

Dr. Bill Daggett, a respected and well-known national speaker on topics related to school improvement initiatives and No Child Left Behind, contends that good schools are not good enough to prepare our students for their future. In order for our children to be prepared for a life in a future dominated by technology, Daggett urges communities like ours to reform their schools to meet the needs of a rapidly changing job market.

West Geauga Local Schools has invited this expert in education and worldwide technology trends to speak at an open public meeting about this topic. The community is welcome to attend Daggett’s presentation at 7:30 p.m. September 25 at the Mayfield United Methodist Church, 7747 Mayfield Road (at the corner of Mayfield and Caves Road) in Chester Township. Daggett will also share his research and vision with the school district’s staff the following day in a professional development session.

Daggett believes that the United States education system is the greatest in the world because we are the only ones trying to meet the challenge of excellence and equity - with a good education available to every child being an important American value. Yet, at the same time, we must recognize that other countries are outpacing us in achievement because of their sheer number of students engaged in rigorous study.

Daggett will discuss the research regarding four megatrends: new and emerging technologies, globalization, changing demographics and new generations in classrooms. The most important trend, globalization, is at the heart of the matter. Daggett states that in 2007, more tax returns submitted to the IRS will be completed in India than in the United States. He added that 80% of MRI’s are read overnight in India, and more than a few bankrupt United States airlines’ loans are held by China. Defaulting on these loans means that American-based air travel could one day be controlled by the Chinese.

Technological advances are outpacing application in our K-12 schools. Daggett believes our nation’s educational system of learning and testing is at odds with what people need to do in the workplace and suggests a new approach where students are taught to think critically, collaborate on solutions and be taught how to know where to find information rather than memorize information and work in isolation to pass a test of memorization rather than application of knowledge.
For good schools like West Geauga, whose academic performance earned the district an “excellent” rating by the Ohio Department of Education for seven consecutive years, Daggett’s research is helpful in planning ahead.

“We know that to keep up with the trends, we must continually review and update the way we educate our students. It’s an exciting challenge,” said West Geauga Local Schools Superintendent Tony Podojil.


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