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In the class of foods and nutrition at West Geauga led by Ms. Susong the sixth period class began a three day casserole cookoff. Every day the classmates start off by getting a cooking apron and then filling plastic tubs with warm water and soap. The tubs are not used until the end of class clean up. In the class there are five different cooking groups of three or four students. For this three day period the students were restricted to making a casserole. There wasn't full restriction though. The groups were allowed to decide what kind of casserole they wanted to make. Every group in the class decided to make a different casserole so no group had the same one.

On the first day, Tuesday October 23rd, the groups all began the preparation of their casseroles. The students gathered all of their ingredients, the cooking tools, and the pots and pans they needed. Everyone in the groups worked very well together, dividing the work load evenly and allowing everyone to have a chance in the preparing of the casserole. On this day there wasn't any cooking to be done, just the prep work. As the period was coming to an end the groups hurried to put the final touches on their casseroles because the next day was cooking day and there was no more preparation to be done.

Day two, Wednesday October 24th, was much slower than the first day. The groups gathered in the kitchen and preheated their ovens. After a few minutes of preheating the ovens, the groups began retrieving their casseroles from the refrigerator. The groups read their cooking plans to see if the casserole had to be cooked covered or uncovered. The students then put the casseroles into the oven accordingly. Now it was waiting time. As the groups waited anxiously Ms. Susong gave them a reading assignment to pass the time. As the timers started to beep the groups took their casseroles out of the oven and set them on the stoves to cool. After the cooling had taken place the food was then returned to the refigerator until the next day where the students would begin the feast.

Day three, Thursday October 25th, was feast day and the students were very excited to start eating. As the kids filed into the room the first thing they had to do was set the tables. The tables were set with place mats, plates, forks, napkins, and cups. Ms. Susong had already put the casseroles into the oven to reheat them so they were ready for tasting sooner. After the tables were set and the casseroles were reheated, the eating began. Ms. Susong cut up the casseroles and began serving the students as they came up to the counter. Every student had to have two bites of every casserole. This was a rule made by Ms. Susong so everything would get tasted. As the students started finishing their meals they would scrape off the excess food into the trash and then wash their dishes in the sink. As the class came to an end the students were happily full.

All of the food was prepared well and came out great. Ms. Susong is a wonderful teacher who knows her cooking very well. All of the students respect her very much and listen to everything she tells them. The class was very enjoyable to me and all of the students also enjoy the time they spend there very much.

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