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The National Honor Society formal induction ceremony was held on Tuesday, April 1st, at 7:30 P.M. The ceremony was led by the current board members, Dean Giarrizzo, President, Grace Kolmar, Vice President, Brittany Zganjer, Secretary, and Jamie Todd, Treasurer. After a pledge at the end, all the students became official members of the West Geauga Chapter of the National Honor Society. Congratulations to all of the following new members...

Caroline Alley Amanda Cooper Nicole Gardner Stephanie Javorek David Moskowitz Erin Walker
Elizabeth Beers Joseph Daddario Jacob Gelman Hannah Jewel Geoffrey Neuman Lindsay Wargelin
Sara Bidar Chris Dawson David Gorski Andi Levine Meghan Offtermatt Grace Whiteley
Sarah Brunner Madeline Dicks Nadia Hoppe Anne Mailey Henrik Peters Travis Wright
Terence Check Hayley Ebersbacher Elle Javorek Carole McCormick Christa Repas Sarah Zyzanksi




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