10 Things to do before the Summer Comes and Goes
by Kathleen Dolphin, co-Editor

So spring has sprung? It’s the 4th quarter, and it’s time to do NOTHING, seniors. While you’re sitting around in your classrooms, watching movies, not doing assignments and procrastinating your senior project, you can check out these 10 activity ideas to do in the hoppin’ towns of Chester/Russell and BEYOND.
1. Hit up Parkside – It’s on the corner of 306 and Mayfield and is a busy place when the weather starts warming up. Whether you’re a skilled athlete who likes flailing yourself around in the sand or just a “social butterfly” who likes to stand around, you’ll fit right in. The two lit volleyball courts are occupied into the wee hours of the night and always looking for another “man-in.” If you’re not the sandy/sweaty type, you can just mosey around the parking lot (listening to Taylor Swift’s hit song, “Picture to Burn”) and catch up with friends. Don’t have a ride there? Walk! Parkside is along the ONLY strip of sidewalk we have in Chesterland and you can catch it right before Drugmart!
2. 5 Dollar Monday – Are you a big movie lover but a hater of the ever-rising movie prices? Cut the admission cost almost in half on Monday’s at The Chagrin Movie Theater. It’s not as far as you think. From school just take 306 for about 10 ten minutes and then a right on East Washington and you’re right there. All movies for 5 dollars and here’s the best part: FREE POPCORN. If you, like Tim Balkovec, always have the case of the “Monday’s,” shoot over and stuff you face with buttery goodness, while watching your favorite flick for the best price around!
3. Get a Free Rose – I know, I know, they’ve never had Kathleen up, either, but regardless of the let down, ALWAYS keep your eyes peeled for your name on the infamous Chesterland Floral “Get a free rose if your name is” board. I can’t give a first hand experience of actually receiving a rose, but fellow senior Greg Hayes recently picked up a blossom. He would have missed his once-in-a-life-time chance if it weren’t for board-checker Christina Damante. If you’re like me and are convinced your name will never be up there, at least let your blessed friends know when it’s their lucky day!
4. Go to the St. Anselm Festival! – It’ll be here Memorial Day weekend in the SAS parking lot, so mark it on your calendar; it’s one of the best experiences you’ll ever partake in. Maybe it’s the (deliciously) greasy festival food, the good lookin’ carnival workers, the rides with left over “motion sickness material” on them, or just small town people getting together that makes it such a pleasurable event! If I haven’t talked you into it yet, my parents will be working at the funnel cake/St. Anselm food booth and will undoubtedly serve you mouthwatering delectables with a smile! Good food, good people, and an all around good time. You have to go at least on Friday and/or Saturday night; it’s a blast!
5. Downtown Chagrin – Forget the longtime abhorrence toward the Chagrin school district. Put it all in the past (we’re graduating remember?) and walk around down there! Whether you’re looking for great food, good coffee, scenic views or a little exercise, they’ve got it all within walking distance! My friends and I live for the scrumptious Dave’s Cosmic Subs and Starbucks Mocha Frappachinos. If you have more of a sweet tooth, you can visit Whirlwind editor, Jordan Jukiewicz, at Ben & Jerry’s where she’s now a manager! Don’t forget the “notso” typical dining experience, Yours Truly. Current YT chef, TC Pazyniak, recommends (of course) the Notso Fries and the classic chicken fingers. Still not impressed? The ACTUAL Chagrin River is also a favorite walking spot; yes, I’m talking about walking in the river. Just make sure you hold on to your shoes and “be ready because those rocks are slippery,” advises Leah Fry who is still frantically searching for her long-lost white flop.
6. Go to a Sporting Event – It’s your last chance to do it because when you graduate and come back, you look like a loser! We have 5 spring sports JUST at West Geauga: girls softball, boys baseball, boys tennis, track and lacrosse. The schedules for all the teams are on our website and available in the athletic office and ALL teams home games are played at West G. Also, if you’re more into pro-sports, the Cleveland Indians are now playing at “Progressive Field,” which is just a short car/rapid ride away. The Cavs are also on their way to victory and the Lake County Captains provide a fun, cheap game to watch in Eastlake.
7. Mentor Headlands – As the weather warms, we Ohioans are looking forward to the few months when we can actually enjoy the sunshine. Sure there are warning signs about how dirty the water is, but I, personally, have swum in the great Lake Erie and have come out alive. Once you get past the rocks and that horrible dead fish smell, it’s actually a great time! Not to mention there’s a snack bar and sand volleyball courts. If you aren’t aware, a lot of West G students rush on over to the beach on the last day of school; you should go. Bob Scott recommends a great day at the beach and then a refreshing milkshake at Steak-N-Shake, which is just a few minutes away!
8. Hang out with your friends! – Hey it’s our last time together, so why not? If you realize that it’ll “never be the same again,” you might appreciate just a night hanging out with your friends. After this summer you definitely won’t get as much time to chill with your West G grads, so movie nights, getting some DQ, late night walks, or just sitting on the ol’ front porch might be a night to remember.
9. Have Camp Fire – Just ask “The King of Bonfires,” Zak Poucher, about the fun you can have just sitting around the blazing glory. Not only is it a natural bug repellent and a way to stay warm on cool summer nights, but an INVITE to have a deliciously warm and gooey ‘smore. All you need is the gram, the mallow, some chocolate and a big stick (that you whittled) to make probably the most delectable summer snack one could dream of.
10. Enjoy the Cleveland/Ohio Area – So, yea, most of us have lived here our entire lives and are like, “Oh, I can’t wait to get out of here,” but, honestly, we do have some awesome sights! To name a few in the downtown area we have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Science Center (with the Imax theater), Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Play House Square, Cleveland Play House, and Severance Hall. There are also great places for hiking/picnicking/creek-walking in the Metroparks, including Squa Rock and Squires’ Castle. If you have some dough (and maybe a gas card) you can head out to Cedar Point (Ride On) or the most exciting water park you’ll ever visit, the Kalahari, both in Sandusky, Ohio.
So, seniors (and the rest of the student body who’s looking for a good time), here are some EXCELLENT ideas for the next time you’re sitting around, twiddling your thumbs. Regardless if you actually carry out any of the above suggestions, or just do what you want,
make sure you love your life because we’re only young once! Love ya!