TI: Big Things Poppin’
by Timothy Chester Pazyniak, Staff Writer

Teen Institute is now in its fifteenth year, helping keep the halls of West Geauga alcohol and drug free. The organization is dedicated to promoting good behavior by not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs. The group consists of about 20 people who live clean lifestyles and have good self-esteem.
The President of the club this year is Lori Sobolewski. Teen Institute meets roughly two times each month in Mr. Jason Witherite’s room. Mr. Witherite became the advisor three years ago and has never looked back. Teen institute is not a nationally chartered club. It was started and groomed to prominence in West Geauga’s own halls. If you are interested in joining, you have to join Interact to get into the club.
The group does a couple of fundraisers every year to help support their organization. Teen Institute sold the powder puff headbands last year and this year. The group also painted faces at the Geauga County Fair to raise money. “The organization is a great group of kids, making a difference in the world of West G,” said Mr. Witherite.