Where Do Bees Go When They Die? B - 7.
by Leah Fry, Staff Writer/Advertising Coordinator

Since September, 2007, the game of BINGO has become quite the craze in Chesterland. Bingo is awesome and is now being played at the West Geauga Middle School on Tuesday nights. The West Geauga Athletic Boosters brought bingo back to West Geauga with Mrs. Lisa Drenski as the manager.
To play bingo one must be at least 18 years old. The basic bingo package costs $12 and computer packages are available for $27, the lowest price in the area. The biggest single winner has won $1,000 and state law allows West Geauga Middle School bingo to pay out $3,500 per week. Each game averages about a $100 prize.
Bingo is now offering donations to sports teams that are willing to donate their time by working at bingo. For example, the wrestling team will be volunteering its services at BINGO on June 24th. If you’re over 18, or are a part of a sports team in need of some extra cash, get to the middle school on Tuesday nights.
Be cautious of when you call BINGO, though. The regulars are quick to judge and get saucy easily.