Hitting It Hard
by Nadia Hoppe, Assistant Editor

Not only has spring sprung, but the arrival of rain showers and flowers does not only mean its time to shed winter coats and toss snow boots. It means the boys tennis team is grabbing their racquets and making their way to our new tennis courts. With their new coach, Mr. Eugene Ciasullo, they hope to break .500 within the extremely challenging Chagrin Valley Conference with a team made up of underclassmen this year.
Mr. Ciasullo, who currently teaches in Willoughby Hills, has been an instructor in various cities for twelve years, along with playing competitive tennis all through college. Mr. Ciasullo isn’t the only fresh face on the team. Freshmen William Hamill and Mike Howell also decided to join and challenge themselves, especially against Perry and Aurora, the team’s biggest matches of the season. “I’m excited to see how our number one player, [junior David Schaub], matches up against theirs,” said Coach Ciasullo.
He hopes to keep the team mentally focused and to keep the unforced errors (a shot that is “out” and considered the fault of the player who hit it out on the basis of time and position) to a minimum. At the same time he credits their work ethic, a characteristic that any athlete knows is most important if you’re searching for success. Sportsmanship and representing West Geauga are other characteristics the boys hope to embody, a lesson definitely to keep in mind for a tennis player.
While the team is successful so far, they need your support! David Schaub at first singles, William Hamill at second singles, junior Cody O’Shay at third singles, juniors Patrick Beasley and Sean White at first doubles and juniors Henrik Peters and Alex Arnold at second doubles would love to hear your cheers.
The next time the boys aren’t taking the van to their away games, come check them out on our own home tennis courts. “[My favorite part about the boys tennis team is] the van,” says Alex Arnold, a statement which all of us who have ridden on the infamous van certainly cannot agree with.