Decision ’08: West Geauga
by Brett Williams, Staff Writer

As the 2007-2008 school year comes to a close, the underclassmen of West Geauga have big decisions to make: the Student Council Elections are about to take place. The results of these elections determine who will be in which position for Student Council next school year. Student Council’s advisor, Mrs. Kim Fish, is excited for the upcoming elections. She says that a good candidate for any Student Council position must be, “…willing to work and not too over-extended in too many other activities.”
There are two types of positions up for general election: class officers and class representatives. The four office positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Ten representative positions are needed for each grade as well. These positions are voted on by the students in the candidates’ respective grades. Mrs. Fish says that these students, “…need to attend all Student Council events. They need to be willing to volunteer when needed, attend meetings, and be good examples to other students.”
When voting, remember that Student Council is an essential school organization, so cast votes carefully. Student Council organizes many school activities, like dances, so pick the candidate most likely to put his or her all into the position. Remember, if not elected, students can still become Student At-Large members of Student Council. If anyone has any questions regarding Student Council, see Mrs. Fish. Happy voting!
The candidates for the class of 2011 are: President: Rachel Suba. Vice President: Rebecca Rugg and Amanda Mazzurco. Secretary: Amy Reinhard and Calista Eaton. Treasurer: Daniel Atchley and Katie Willis. Class Representative: Kelly Nero, Dylan Kollmorgen, Cassie Mullet, Katerina Fantozzi, Emily Rosenbaum, and Rachel Christopher.
The candidates for the class of 2010 are: President: Aly Platek. Vice President: Jenny Wajahn. Secretary: Olivia Robertson, Hillary Anderson, and Sarah Claycomb. Treasurer: Deanna Langer, Arynne Giarizzo, and Lauren Dangelo. Class Representative: Michelle Anselmo, Chelsea Paglia, Jourdyn Heilinger, Mary Sheridan, Karen Kruzer, Allison Tyree, Margo Davis, Mary Dolphin, Sierra Wilson, Ellen Kubit, Carly Mihalic, Rachel Mathiott, Kelsey Smith, Hanna Moosa, Andy Powers, Irina Yakubenko, and Genny Drenik.
The candidates for the class of 2009 are: President: Leah Smith. Vice President: Chris Dawson and Jessica Vidal. Secretary: Meaghan Offtermatt. Treasurer: Christa Repas. Class Representative: Brett Williams, Amanda Lanhan, Colleen Atchley, Carole McCormick, Jimmy Powers, Eric Lucas, Allison Urban, Stephanie Seaman, Anthony Pinto, Ashley Smith, Jeff Corbo, Nicole Nero, Stephanie Javorek, Sara South, Shannon Corlett, Gabby Frato, Chantal Pettegrew, Louie Link, Jeff Balzano, Anthony Farinacci, Caroline Alley, Tim Rosenbaum, and Natalie Christopher.