Vote for Tickety!
by Kathleen Dolphin, co-Editor

Remember that weekend of the freak snowstorm? No one left his/her house and all of Chesterland shut down due to the 12+ inches of snow? While you were sitting in the house waiting for your plowman, on March 7-9 the Latin Club was dominating the Latin Convention in Columbus.
Members Nathan Huntsberger, Alex Dangelo, Greg Drockton, Jess Gramc, Kevin Kramer, Simrit Lotey, Nick McKinney, Mariah Wright, Sophie Shiloh, Greg Watson, Andrew Check, Clay McMullen, Andrew Novak, Keylah Deford, Shelley Butters, Terry Check, Mandy Cooper, Sarah Zyzanski, Eric Lu, Chris Dawson, Jacob Gelman, Bill Kulp, Erin McKinney, David Moskowitz, and Kate Snyder came in third place in points per capita. “The kids were very good and I can’t imagine a school pooling more academic points than we did,” said Captain Latin, Mr. Prueter
So what exactly does the Latin club do down at the “convention” you might ask? Well, they leave right after school on Friday, drive down and check into the hotel. Almost immediately after check in the team takes its first set of 3 tests (each set of tests take about 2 hours!). Once their brains are fried for the night, they get back to their rooms and pretty much pass out. The next morning is “Certaman,” or the buzzard board games. West G sent a team of four from 1st year, 2nd year and AP and all the teams made it to the semi-finals! After the games they eat lunch and take another set of 3 tests. Then there was a 10-minute break and ANOTHER set of 3 tests.
“After all the tests we just goof off and have fun. The convention is an absolute blast!” exclaimed Mandy Cooper. Saturday night the entire convention participates in a toga party and there’s a big dinner. Sunday is the awards ceremony and our Latin club won the spirit award, she added “it was actually pretty funny!”
Junior Jacob Gelman was awarded 2nd place in academic points. Out of 90 possible points Jacob earned 78. More awards will be posted on the website.
Congratulations, Latin Club!