Martha on T.V.
by Joe Delanis, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever sat there in homeroom, watching West G. T.V., thinking to yourself, “Who puts this fine program together?” then the obvious answer (besides the advisor, Mr. Jay Bishop, of course) is the president. Martha Smith was elected at the beginning of this year after three years of 2007 graduate Tom Murray’s administration. She brought “new ideas” to the club, like doing the segments that interview the student body for functions like Homecoming or graduation. “I really enjoy what she’s done with the club,” says her sister and fellow West G. T.V. member, junior Leah Smith. “It’s so funny and refreshing now and really wakes up sleepy students in 3rd period.”
Her duties include “mak[ing] sure announcements are ready, run[ning the announcements] and segments, and fight[ing] with Bishop.” While that last item might raise some eyebrows, Martha and Mr. Bishop, “…box a lot when [they] don’t agree on things.” However, Martha is quick to add that she “always win[s],” but, beyond those matches, she gets along well with him.
Since the school year is winding down, Martha’s business now revolves around raising funds for next year’s program, establishing the photo booth, and making sure the club continues to run smoothly. “Everyone [involved with West G. T.V.] is awesome, so it’s not hard working with them.” Little wonder West G. T.V. is doing so well this year!