National Honors Society
by Kitty Heines, Staff Writer

For anyone who is wondering, “What is NHS?” Mr. Ben Speros, the advisor of the club, is here to fill you in. “[National Honors Society] is a national organization and consists of students, inducted during their junior and senior years. It recognizes student accomplishment in the areas of academics, character, leadership, and service.” He also commented that they serve as a service organization to our very own West Geauga High School. Their biggest service to the school is tutoring, where they help students in need at the Student Help Center.
This club, which is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School
Principals, might seem like a favorable one, but it’s not a piece of cake to become a member. The process for selecting members of NHS is long and grueling. First, students must have a 3.35 GPA or higher. If they have achieved this GPA, they are nominated for a membership position and the real process begins. The nominated students must fill out a service form, where they list any activities they participated in that bettered our community. These activities include volunteer work, church youth groups, leadership positions in other service clubs, etc. After these forms are submitted, teachers and school staff rank the competing students in areas of leadership and character. “Students who meet or exceed predetermined scores in these three areas are invited for membership,” said Mr. Speros.
The following juniors and seniors were inducted into NHS on April 1st, 2008: Caroline Alley, Elizabeth Beers, Sara Bidar, Sarah Brunner, Terence Check, Amanda Cooper, Joseph Daddario, Christopher Dawson, Madeline Dicks, Hayley Ebersbacher*, Nicole Gardner, Jacob Gelman, David Gorski, Nadia Hoppe, Elizabeth Javorek, Stephanie Javorek, Hannah Jewel, Andi Levine*, Anne Mailey, Carole McCormick, David Moskowitz, Geoffrey Neuman, Meghan Offtermatt, Henrik Peters*, Christa Repas, Erin Walker, Lindsay Wargelin, Grace Whiteley, and Sarah Zyzanski.
(* Denotes Senior)

Congratulations to all of the new inductees!