Senior Show
by Leah Fry, Staff Writer/Advertising Coordinator

The Middle School gym was packed with students, parents, and interested on-lookers on Friday, April 11th for the 8th Annual Senior Show. The show featured the usual dancers, singers, and half-comical MC’s doing their thing up on stage. Directing the talent/variety show was Mrs. Sharon Waite, who was impressed with the seniors abounding talent. Tickets were $5 and all proceeds went to the seniors’ after prom, which will take place from midnight to 4:00 am after the big dance on May 16th.
Stars of the show were Grace Komar, Martha Smith, Erin McKinney, Bridget Drokton, and Lucas Koen, who were each featured in two acts. What stole the show, however, was a rendition of the song “Summer Nights” from the movie Grease. Martha Smith sang the part of Sandy, and Nick November played the part of Danny. Sandy’s girls were Amanda Stark, Niki South, and Jane Frires. Danny’s crew was Bob Scott, Ross Locigno, and Rob Lariccia. Senior Denny Farmer was called up onto the stage for a Happy Birthday tribute from the entire gym. The show was full of awesome acts and incited laughs from the entire crowd.
There was also a raffle at the senior show, rewarding fabulous prizes to some who entered. The Dolphin family won the, “A Day at the Beach” prize. Another prize was a free limo rental for prom night.
Thanks to everyone who came out to support the class of 2008!