Melodic Marching
by Meghan Offtermatt, Assistant Editor

As residents of Chesterland, do you ever find yourself driving through the city streets on a fall Friday night, making your way to a Wolverine football game, only to wonder where from the melodic sounds that are luring you are resonating? As you approach the field in anticipation of the game, you find that these pre-game sounds are the production of the Wolverine Marching Band. This past year the band not only Marched in the fall, but, also, following the football season, were able to travel to Disney World and Universal Studios before Thanksgiving, 2007.
The band might be finished with concerts for this 07-08 year, but they will attend Band Camp in August at the school, which is where they learn more of the routines and music that is utilized during the season.
One noteworthy portion of the band is the dancing squad, the Wolverettes. This past year, the Wolverettes were led by Kelsey Johnson, Angela Harmon, and Kristen Pryess. Recently chosen for the 08-09 year, the leaders for the Wolverettes will be Sarah Zyzanki, Mandy Cooper, and Tracy Jennemann.
Although the season is now over for the 07-08 year, if you are longing to hear the melodic tunes of this exquisite band, or see the polished dance moves of the Wolverettes, you can see them perform one last time at the parade in Chesterland on July 4th.