Your Life. Your Choice.
by Jordan Jukiewicz, co-Editor

On April 22nd the senior class attended a drunk driving presentation at Parkside Church in Bainbridge, along with other public schools from the area. Before the presentation began, students we’re encouraged to try on “beer goggles” and take the sobriety test given to drunk drivers. Many, if not all, the students who tried on the goggles failed the line test miserably. The production lasted about two hours and included speakers who’ve had different experiences involving drunk driving.
Included in the speakers were two men who had been behind the wheel after drinking excessively, both causing the deaths of a teenage boy and a middle-aged man. Also among the speakers was a woman who was involved in a very serious drunk driving accident leaving her paralyzed from the neck down. Another speaker spoke about the loss of his two best friends to a drunk driver. The drunk driver and he were the only ones who survived the crash. The last speaker was also the narrator of the presentation and he spoke about the loss of his daughter to a fatal drunk driving accident. He spoke of the emotions he feels towards the drunk driver who caused the accident and the grief his family has endured.
The “Your Life. Your Choice.” presentation was blunt and showed the less glamorous side of drinking. It also stressed the consequences of one’s actions where a single one bad choice could ruin someone’s life forever. Whether everyone liked the program or not, it certainly had everyone thinking and realizing drunk driving isn’t to be taken lightly.
To conclude, here are some statistics to consider. The Midwest (where we live) has the worst drunk driving rates in the country. Teenage drunk driving is responsible for about one in every four motor vehicle accidents. These types of mishaps are the number one killer among 15 to 20 year-olds. One teen is killed in the United States every 60 minutes because of teen drunk driving. In 2005, approximately 3,467 teens were killed and 281,000 more suffered injuries due to driving under the influence.
To put in simply, actions have consequences. Stay safe, West Geauga, and make the right choices.