The Down-Low on Bingo
by Brett Williams, Staff Writer

In last month’s issue of the Whirlwind, we reported the start of the West Geauga Booster Club’s Tuesday Night Bingo Program. Since then, there have been 5 very positive nights of fun-filled bingo. In a Q & A session, Mrs. Lisa Drenski has, once again, given us the down-low on bingo.
Q: How many bingo nights has there been since the first one back on the 11th?
A: We are going on week 5.

Q: Do you have a number of total profits made from bingo?
A: Profits- ha ha- we are still in the red since the equipment was about $7,000! We will get there, though!

Q: Overall, has it been a positive experience?
A: It is a positive experience: meeting new people, attempting to make money for our kids and our schools! It is also a lot of work and effort. Most of my volunteers work 8 plus hours per day and work another 6 to 8 hours at bingo!

Q: Who makes up the majority of players?
A: My regular players are average age of 60+. We need more parent participation!!!! Especially since this benefits our athletes!

Q: Are the sports teams involved in the running of bingo?
A: We will not offer working bingo to the sports teams until we make enough money to "donate" to each team for its time. In the meantime, bingo is worked by dedicated booster members.

Q: Does the middle school charge the program rent?
A: We do not pay rent. We do have a permit, though, approved by the school board.

Q: What is the largest amount of money won thus far?
A: The maximum allowed by law to pay out a traditional bingo game is $3,500 per night, plus instant ticket winners.