Dabbling in Diversity
by assistant editors Meghan Offtermatt and Nadia Hoppe,
and Staff Writer, Rich Egnot

Here at West Geauga High School, students have a keen awareness of what they need to do to be involved in their school so as to have an upper hand in the future. Part of this involvement includes that of clubs and organizations. We can pride ourselves in the fact that we have a diverse body of students who are all interested in a variety of different activities and organizations. Although many students focus on out of school activities, an equal amount of students focus on the activities that are based at the high school. These clubs consist of sports, academics, and extra-curricular activities, ranging from music to the debate team. Unfortunately, though, there have been clubs in the past that have been denied existence, not only by the school, but by the community of West Geauga as a whole.
This denial of clubs and organization has seriously discouraged further diversity among students in the West Geauga district. It is not only that they do not allow these clubs, but the fact that the district favors the formation of certain clubs that might seem more “traditional” than others. These denied clubs aren’t rejected right away0 but are slowly oppressed and eventually dismantled. In the past, clubs that have been denied assembly have also been denied a yearbook photograph, a permit for the building, and proper recognition as an organization. This begs the questions, “Why not promote equality?” and “Why not set an example for the younger generation by accepting what truly makes West Geauga diverse?”
One of the best qualities of West Geauga High School is the students’ complete support of each other. There is an expectation of students to fill the stands for each respective sport, cheer their fellow students to victory, and assist in raising money for positive causes throughout the school, just as there is an expectation for the staff members to support each and every student’s individuality.
If we were to allow each club equal opportunity at assembling and growing, we would also be promoting the equality that makes West, as they say, best.