Freshmen Volleyball Says Toodle-Lu
by Jordan Jukiewicz, Co-Editor

The ever-so-fine freshmen volleyball girls finished up an amazing season with a record of 15-3 scoring big wins against Gilmour and Perry! Over the course of the season, each and every girl on the team dramatically improved both mentally and physically. They’ve learned to run plays, hit serve zones, and work together effectively!
Coach Mrs. Colleen Nero said, “The physical strengths and endurance of these athletes have been amazing to watch as they improve both on and off the court.” Coach Nero also gave her philosophy about volleyball games: “The team that plays the best, at the end [of the game] WINS!”
These newcomers have shown a tremendous amount of commitment and passion for the game over this seemingly long volleyball season and after hours upon hours of practices the ladies walk away with a winning season. That’s certainly something to be commended.
Congratulations, girls, and best of luck next season!