Who You Gonna Call?
by Katie Heines and Tim Balkovec, Staff Writers

For Halloween this year, we decided to do something a little different. We formed a group called “West G Ghost Busters” and we busted some ghosts. The group was spearheaded by us, Tim Balkovec and Katie Heines. We selected different students of West Geauga High School for each mission and based our selection on their emotional strength. The braver students were selected for the more fearful missions, and the weaker links came along for the “weaker” missions.
We headed out on our ghost busting missions on Saturday nights throughout the month of October. We had to be stealthy because we didn’t want to get busted by the cops, while the ghosts were trying to not get busted by us. Fortunately, while we were busting, the Chester police were not, and we managed to complete our missions without any altercations.
We visited the Melon Heads, the Lundgren barn, the haunted house on Old Heath, the Red Raider Swampwampus, Gravity Hill, and Squire’s Castle. We chose our four favorites, the Melon Heads, Lundgren Barn, Gravity Hill, and the Swampwampus, and decided to get the word out on these terrifying legends. Learn more in this October issue of the Whirlwind!