The Worlds Greatest Halloween Costumes
By Joe Barille, staff writer

The origin of the Halloween costume can be dated back to the days of the Celts in Ireland. The 21st Century has carried on the tradition and brought it to a whole new level. The days of the sheet ghost have ended, while Chewbacca costumes and Swamp Wompus are on the rise. If you do not want to be the loser on Halloween who wears an outdated costume like T.C. Pazniyak last year then you will read this article.
The Red Raider Swamp Wompus is a simple, but effective costume. The first step to the costume is to drape your self in a green sheet, preferably silk. Then you will need some shiny green tinsel to hang from your arms. The most important aspect of the costume is the face region. Green face paint and some brightly colored goggles should look fine. When you have finished these steps, you have become a Swamp Wompus.
Another great costume idea for a group of people would be the 4x100 track team. You will need blue and white track outfits with short shorts. Put on some sweatbands if you want to add dramatic effect. A prop you can carry around is a metal baton. The most important part of this costume is fake mustaches. Everyone knows the greatest track stars have amazing facial hair.