Lundgren Barn
by Katie Heines, Staff Writer

Although many legends “outed” by the West G. Ghost Busters might seem questionable, the story of a murder in Kirtland is absolutely true. Here’s some history. The killer, Mr. Jeffrey Lundgren, was born in Missouri and grew up in a household that he claimed to be abusive. He also knew a good deal about guns, as he went on many hunting trips with his father. Lundgren came into society claiming to be a prophet of God.
Since he had such a troublesome life, we weren’t surprised to find out that Lundgren was the leader of a cult. Jeffrey apparently had a way with people and was able to attract a good deal of followers who believed that he was truly a messenger from God. Unfortunately, his cult didn’t sit around and pray; they organized a horrific murder of a family of 5 right down the street from Lake Farm Park.
On April 17, 1989, Mr. Lundgren brought his cult members out to his house in Kirtland. He put all of his victims’ belongings in a barn on his property and rented them a room in a nearby motel. That night, he called all of his followers into his house for dinner. He announced his plans to murder the family at the table and threatened to kill anyone who wouldn’t accompany him. He claimed that God had commanded him to kill the family for their lack of faith.
Lundgren brought the victims into the barn, bound them, and shot each person two or three times, muffling the sound of gunfire with the sound of a chainsaw. He then put the victims in two pits in the barn: the parents together in one pit and the 3 children in the other.
Don’t worry, though. Lundgren was arrested and imprisoned immediately after the killings. However, the whole story still has some allure, as the barn still stands today, pits included. If you dare, head out to Route 6 in Kirtland, turn right, pass Lake Farm Parks, and head to the barn for a little scare.