Mr. Mikes Takes A Step Up
by Abigail Sims, Co-Assisstant Editor
If you have seen a familiar face here at the high school and felt as if you were having a flashback to elementary school, it is probably because you have seen Mr. Mikes. He has moved up from Lindsey Elementary, where he taught for 13 years, and is now teaching health and physical education here at the high school. After switching roles from an elementary teacher to a high school teacher Mr. Mikes said, “I have been impressed with the maturity and work ethic of the high school students.”
Mr. Mikes attended Cleveland State University, where he received a Bs and Masters in Education. He is married and has two kids. In his time outside of school he enjoys cycling and mountain biking. It is very exciting to have Mr. Mikes teaching at the high school and everyone is glad to have him, “I enjoy gym because Mr. Mikes makes running fun,” says Hannah Rychcik