Dr. Daggett
by Jordan Jukiewicz, co-Editor

William R. Daggett is the president of the International Center of Leadership in Education. He has assisted a number of states and hundreds of school districts with their school improvement programs. Dr. Daggett has also collaborated with education ministries in several countries and with the Council of Chief State School Officers, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Governors Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and many other national organizations. Before founding the International Center for Leadership in Education in 1991, Dr. Daggett was a teacher and administrator with the New York State Education Department.
Dr. Daggett is the author of six books about learning and education, 12 textbooks and numerous research studies, reports, and journal articles. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of educators and education stakeholders in all 50 states.
On September 26th Dr. Daggett spoke to the staff of the West Geauga Schools. Dr. Daggett enlightened spectators with his plan for the future. He claimed that in order for children to be prepared for their lives to come, they must become the best of the best. Mr. Callahan thought this about the lecture: “He opened my eyes, made me rethink about things I want to do in my own classroom and made me nervous about the future of my own kids.” On the other hand, Mr. Marino questioned Dr. Daggett: “It was very interesting and everything Mr. Daggett says is probably true, but who’s going to pay for all these changes. And how do you change the hearts and minds of the American people?”
According to Daggett, “we aren’t just competing with our country anymore, we’re competing with the world. He also proclaimed that most schools’ teaching styles are “old” and “outdated” for the technology of the present. He stressed that children need to be prepared for the workforce. “Schools are frozen in academic vs. career/technical education, when they should really be working together.”