One Band, One Sound
by Kathleen Dolphin, Co-editor

With the football season over, the West Geauga Marching band still has a lot to look forward to. “We’re going to Florida to perform at Disney World and Universal Studios,” said senior Katie Taylor, “It’s going to be fun; I can’t wait to go and hug Mickey!!”
Katie is one of the dedicated students on the “Band Council” along with Lauren Wargelin, Kathryn Dean, Colin Ecker, Eric Lu, and Kate Snyder. There are also numerous squad leaders who help with the “on field movements.”
Director Mr. Frank Cosenza is very proud of the band and the way they really began to “gel” at the end of the season. With 34 students receiving participation awards for various years in the group, there is much to applaud.
There is a marching band concert on October 29, “We prepared all season and plan to play all of our best songs,” said senior Joe Totino, “we’re going to make Mr. C. proud.”
Band members: don’t forget the fun filled banquet on November 5 is coming up! There will be food, drinks and a giant pyramid of pop cans.