Powder Rough
by Leah Fry, Staff Writer/Advertising Coordinator

The annual Powder Puff football game kicked off Monday, October 8th with the fierce, veteran senior girls playing the eager, novice junior girls. The sky was clear; the air was hot; and the locker rooms smelled just like the sweaty football pads they contained. The girls had been practicing hard for this game for three weeks. The players were all riled up: the juniors wanted to beat the confident seniors, and the seniors wanted a second chance at victory after losing to the class of ’07 the year before.
For the junior team, halfback Paige Rispoli served the seniors a 6-point touchdown early in the second quarter. The girls had a solid defensive line, hardly letting the senior offense move. With a newfound confidence after scoring the first touchdown of the game, the junior girls overlooked the geared up seniors.
On the ’08 team Lori Sobolewski played a vicious defense, virtually shutting down the junior offense. Offensively, Hayley Ebersbacher ran the ball down the field for the seniors’ single, 6-point touchdown in the fourth quarter, tieing the score up, 6-6. The seniors were ready for a win and only needed a few more points to get it.
In the end, the game was generally a back and forth battle between both teams; both defenses were able to shut down the high-powered offenses. With the game ending in a tie, neither team pulled out the big win, nor suffered a tough loss. A benefit to this year’s game? Fewer injuries! Although all the girls played a rough game, they spared each other the blood bath that its potential allowed, with the exception, of course, of junior Whirlwind staffer, Meghan Offtermat. Meghan was picked up and thrown by a notorious senior staffer (a proud moment only because her dear friend, Meghan, wasn’t hurt). Sorry Megs.
So who should have won the game? If you ask me, it’s the seniors. We clearly had a right to victory, this being our last year playing Powder Puff and all. If only we would have gotten that overtime we so badly wanted…