Safety In Numbers?
by Sarah Zucker, Staff Writer

Every parent’s worst nightmare is for his/her newly licensed child to climb into a car, go out with a big group of friends…and never come home. Being only sixteen years old and having more than one person in a car at a time is simply an accident waiting to happen. The law stating that 16 year olds cannot have more than one person in the car at one time is a good thing.
First off, it’s easy for new drivers to be distracted by materials like phones, music, make-up and other things going on around them. Next, it’s a proven fact that 45% of accidents are caused by teenagers, 16-19, although they only make up 7% of the driving population. Lastly, it’s easier to trust two kids in a car, rather than three or four at a time.
Young drivers are so easily distracted by something as simple as music or loud voices. More people in the car causes more distractions; more distractions means more of a chance you will be in an accident. Taking your eyes off the road, for even one second, could cause a major accident that can be fatal to you or others. For most parents, having to face the fact that their baby is getting his/her license is bad enough. Imagine their faces when they learn their child was the victim of a terrible car crash.
Also, almost 50% of accidents that happen in a car are caused by teenagers between the ages of sixteen and nineteen. Kids who are in that age group have to be extra careful of their actions on the road.
Parents always feel safer sending two kids in a car, rather than three or four kids. Less people means fewer distractions. It’s simply easier to trust your kid with only one friend in the car. Teenagers being around their friends always feel the need to be “cool.” Whether it’s listening to blaring music in the car, trying to go as fast as you possibly can while nobody else is on the road, texting while driving, or the ever-so-popular touch up of make-up, it all could end up in a serious car crash or even death. You’re not only hurting yourself, but the passengers in the car and the people in cars around you. Innocent people driving around you should not have to be the victim of your stupidity.