Stranded is Better?
by Rich Egnot, Staff Writer

How many students live on the same street as one another? It used to be so easy for an elder student to drive his younger neighbors to school each morning, relieving the stress of bus drivers, as well as already-busy parents. Seniors, remember how exciting it was to get your driver license so you could drive with your friends? Not anymore! With the newest driving laws enacted recently, drivers 16 years old are permitted to have only one passenger, excluding family members. Drivers 17 years of age may only carry two passengers, excluding family members. The law does not largely affect 18 year old students, who may carry a full amount of passengers. While these laws are designed to reduce traffic accidents, drivers, and minors in particular, are being more restricted by the day.
Young drivers are able to comply with each new law without much trouble, but why are these laws being forced upon a new generation of drivers? The new restrictions are beginning to pile up so fast that soon drivers will not want to drive because there are too many things to remember. What’s worse, many have expressed concern that the driving age will be raised again. Possibly for better, possibly for worse, it poses the question: would you rather have a privilege and be on an increasingly short leash or not have to worry about the numerous consequences and not have the privilege?