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On February 28, 2011, about a dozen students meet in Mr. Speros room to debate the uncertainty in this world.The topic for the day was the idea of time. For once in the "club's" existence, the subject did not change for the entire hour. We discussed the way time flows, if there are many different paths in it or it just goes as we make it. Naturally, there was no conclusion for the subject. Other theories were also put on the table, like the Grandparent Paradox and the Big Bang Theory. If your not familiar with the Grandparent Paradox, it's the question of what happens if you go back in time and kill your grandparent (why do it? I don't know), to you specifically. The Big Bang Theory was suggested that in one large nucleus of an atom, protons and electrons reacted violently, and the protons pushed the electrons out of the atom. This resulted in a dual cone shaped universe. A bit hard to follow, but it made sense.




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