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The Red Team goes in for a huddle.

The Blue Team storms the field after a close victory.

Decked entirely in red, including devilish horns and Santa caps, the Senior girls football team charged the field through an arch of cheering, spirited Senior boys, mostly dressed in cheerleader outfits and other unsightly costumes. Their goal: to beat the blue, Junior girls in a modified sort of female flag football.

The game and first quarter began with a kickoff, or some version of it anyway. Kickoffs, in this game, consisted of a 40-yard setback for the receiving team and in no way involved kicking. Within the first minute of the game, the Seniors ran the ball into the end zone, but received a 10 yard penalty for holding rather than a touch down and were eventually forced to "punt".

While in possession of the ball, the Junior girls gained very little yardage before "punting". At 1st and 10, the Seniors with the ball, one yard was gained, then two lost, and the ball was again eventually "punted" to the Juniors. Another punt to the Seniors allowed them to throw the ball away with 26 seconds left. Time ran out in the first quarter with no score.

The second quarter began with the ball in the Seniors' possession at the 30 yard line, a short-lived situation. The ball was again "punted" to the Juniors who, within a minute, scored a touch down and a 2-point conversion, making the score Juniors-8 - Seniors-0.

With just under five minutes remaining in the second quarter, Senior Christina Neveu ran in a 32-yard touch down and Jesse Paskevich completed the 2-point conversion leaving the score Juniors-8 - Seniors-8.

Only 15 short seconds later, the Juniors managed a touch down on 70 yards running. They failed the 2-point conversion making the score Juniors-14 - Seniors-8. Twenty-five seconds later, Senior #69 ran in another 70-yard touchdown. A yellow flag was thrown on the first attempt at a 2-point conversion, due to a foul on Coach Cowboy. After being pushed back 15 yards, the Seniors attempted the conversion again, but failed. The score at the end of the second quarter was Juniors-14 - Seniors-14.

The third was an uneventful quarter, with no change to the score. The Juniors did manage an interception with a over four minutes left, though.

With only 9 minutes left in the game, the Juniors completed their final touchdown, running the ball an entire yard into the end zone. They failed the 2-point conversion but defended their position well for the remaining time, leaving the final score at Juniors-20 - Seniors-14. Had the Seniors won, they would have been the third class in West Geauga history to win both their Junior and Senior Red/Blue games.

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