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Art Room Behavior Consequences

Art Room Behavior Consequences
In order to keep the Westwood Elementary School Art Room a safe and productive art space for all students, the following rules are in effect:


  2. LISTEN QUIETLY when others are Talking.
  3. DRAW and PAINT on your OWN PAPER ONLY.
  5. Handle ALL Tools and Materials SAFELY.
  6. Use KIND WORDS.

If a student is not following these rules, or not following other behavioral directives given by the art teacher,

  1. The directions will be repeated (verbal warning). If the behavior continues or repeats,
  2. The teacher will post the student’s name on the board or in another prominent location in the room (visual reminder). If the behavior still persists, the teacher may
  3. Change the students seat so that the student can better focus on the teacher’s instructions and be of less distraction to other students, and/or
  4. The teacher will place a check mark by the student’s posted name. Each recurrence of behavior will warrant an additional check mark. Each check mark denotes A PERIOD OF TIME OUT OF RECESS OR ART CLASS, at the discretion of the art teacher or classroom teacher.
  5. The art teacher may, at the request of the classroom teacher, provide a list of names of uncooperative students to work in conjunction with the classroom teacher’s in-class consequences.
  6. Repeated or serious cases of rule infractions may result in the issuance of a Westwood Elementary School Conduct notice, which is signed by the parent.
  7. If necessary, the school principal will be asked to speak with students regarding behavioral incidents in the art room.
  8. In most of the above cases, parents will be contacted, either in person, or by phone.

Behavior of students each week in Art Class, as well as cases of absence from and tardiness to, art class is recorded in teacher’s grade book. This provides an overall picture of the student’s behavior over the course of the grading period. Behavior is considered to be both and indicator of, and a contributing factor to the amount of effort directed by a student toward his or her creative work.

The best way to reach Mrs. Klemm is by email:, since she does travel between two buildings. You may also leave a message by phone in the morning at 440-729-5990, or in the afternoon at 440-729-5940.

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