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Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Represent and solve problems involving
addition and subtraction.
Add and subtract within 20.
Work with equal groups of objects to gain
foundations for multiplication.
Number and Operations in Base Ten
Understand place value.
Use place value understanding and
properties of operations to add and
Measurement and Data
Measure and estimate lengths in standard
Relate addition and subtraction to length.
Measurement and Data
Work with time and money.
Represent and interpret data.
Reason with shapes and their attributes.
Text Book Series
We will be using the Everyday Mathematics series by The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project as well as Essential Skills for Math Success. We integrate the use of manipulatives and games to aid in the understanding of concepts.
Fact Practice
All Addition/Subtraction facts should be mastered by the end of second grade. As third graders, we will be focusing on multiplication/division fact mastery by the end of the year. Please have your child practice facts at least bi-weekly. You can use flashcards, worksheets and web sites to practice.
Daily Math Homework
Your child will receive a Home Link worksheet to be completed Monday through Thursday of each week that corresponds to the day's lesson. Please complete the worksheet and return to school in the Home Folder.
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