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Career Project Timeline and Epectations

                           Career Research Unit
First Set Note cards (20) due Wednesday December 19th
Second set of Note Cards (20) due Friday, December 21st
Outline: Take note cards and organize to create an Outline
: Include topics- Nature of work, Working Conditions, Training and Qualifications, Job outlook and Salary, Worldwide Employment. (Due Friday January 11th)
Keep outline once graded to put with final paper!
Bibliography: Take bibliography cards and create your Bibliography page. (Due Friday January 11th)
Keep Bibliography once graded to put with final paper!
Expository Writing Rough Draft and Final Paper: Use your outline and information gathered on your note cards to write a paper based on the career you researched.
General Overview of Requirements:
Rough draft of Expository writing due Friday January 18th Revisions and editing done after paper returned.
Final copy due Wednesday, January 29rd (This is the order to turn in final copy)
: Grade Sheet
: Title Page
: Outline
: Paper (Expository Writing)
: Rough Draft
: Bibliography
Preparing Final Copy:
Your final project should be put in a report binder.
Be consistent in preparing your paper. If you type your paper all parts must be typed. If you write your paper it must be in blue or black ink.

Career presentation and presentation Board
Presentations begin on 
January 31st