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Varsity Girls Golf vs Orange  - On August 25, 2015 the Girl’s Varsity Golf played 9 holes in a meet against Orange. Although the weather looked like it was going to rain it held out allowing for the girls to focus on their shoots. The girls played well having the highest score come from Alyssa, with a 48. Good luck on your next game.

Varsity Girls Golf vs Berkshire -  The Girls Varsity Golf Team took on Berkshire at Fowlers Mill golf course. The girls had a well-deserved victory with the captain Alyssa Pecharka leading the team with a score of 49. Katie, Olivia and Ashley contributed to the win as well. Jenna , who could’t make it to this match, also made great improvement over the summer and is looking forward to showing her skills at the next match. The whole team is very excited to continue their first season as a varsity sport. The new team is looking forward to growing as a team and working hard all year so they have a great year next year. Congrats on the win girls!
Varsity Football vs Chardon -  On August 28, 2015 The Varsity Football team played the Chardon Hilltoppers for their first game of the season. The game started off hopeful with West Geauga kicking off to Chardon; however, by the end of the first quarter the score was 14-0. The second quarter was a little better with Chardon having only one touchdown ending the first half of the game with a score of 21-0; Hilltoppers in the lead. By the third quarter the Wolverines started to make a little ground when Cam Searight made a 22 yard pass completed to Carmen Engoglia for a touchdown. The final score for the game was 24-6 making it West Geauga’s first loss for the season.
JV Football vs Chardon - On August 29th the JV football team played the Chardon Hilltoppers. Jax Shenkal and Drew Bennett had touchdowns to lead the JV boys to a 19-12 victory. The game was extremely intense. David Kless and Christian Dibra were lockdown on defense in the fourth quarter to stop Chardon from scoring the game tying touchdown. Good luck on the rest of the season JV boys!
Varsity Boys Cross Country Early Bird – On August 29, 2015 the Varsity Cross Country Boys ran in the Berkshire Early Bird Invitational. The boys woke up on the cool Saturday morning and had to run first. The boys ran a constant pace throughout the entire race until the end, when they used their last burst of energy and finished in a full sprint. Good luck on your next run.  

Freshman Football vs Riverside -  On September 3rd, 2015 the Freshman Football team played Riverside. Late in the first quarter, running back, Brandon Searight broke a 20 yard run for the first score of the game. The Wolverines had a strong defensive line, but unfortunately let up a touchdown. The game was tied 8 to 8 starting the fourth quarter. Near the end of the game the Beavers managed to score ten more points and won the game with a final score of 18 to 8.

JV Boys Soccer vs Lake Catholic - On September 3rd, 2015 the JV Boys Soccer team faced Lake Catholic. The goalie, Adam Reidel, made some amazing saves and did not let any shots get by. West G fought hard and tried to get a goal but Lake Catholic's defense would not let up. The Wolverines and Cougars both had a good game but neither scored, ending in a tie. Good luck at your next game boys!
JV Football vs Riverside - On September 5th, 2015 the West Geauga Wolverines took on the Riverside Beavers. This game was a complete blow out for the Wolverines, as they scored 35 points and held the Beavers to only 7. An impressive running display was put on by Mike Osters, he rushed for 147 yards and scored two touchdowns. The Wolverines defense let up a touchdown early in the first quarter, but shut Riverside out after that. David Kless had a field day making 7 tackles and 2 sacks. The Wolverines offensive line was too much for the Beavers, allowing only one tackle for loss. The Wolverines were able to get some of the freshmen players in on offense and defense. Overall, it was a great performance on both sides and the Wolverines move up to 2-0.
Freshman Football vs Geneva -  On September 17th, 2015 The Freshman Boys Football team faced the Geneva Eagles. The freshman boys did not let the Eagles get on the scoreboard. Brandon Searight and Gino Fornaro combined for 3 rushing touchdowns and Wide Receiver, Chris Meyer broke a 45 yard touchdown run for the first score of the game. Graham MacLellan was shut down on defense and stopped the Eagles from scoring even a single touchdown! It was a blowout, 40-0 Wolverines. Great job and good luck at your next game boys!  
Varsity Football vs Geneva - On September 18th, 2015 the West Geauga Wolverines took on the Geneva Eagles. This was a complete blowout from start to finish by the Wolverines. An impressive offensive performance by Zach Suba, he had two receiving touchdowns and over 120 yards. Also, an impressive defensive performance by the whole Wolverines defense who only allowed 75 yards the whole game. Spencer Mansfield ended the game with 6 tackles and one sack. Rob Cline had a dominating second half with 2 sacks. The Wolverines won 41-13, come support the Wolverines in their upcoming games.
Varsity Boys Soccer vs Hawken - On September 21, 2015 the Varsity Boys Soccer played Hawken High School. The goalie Adam Reidel did a great job keeping his head in the game after two early goals. The start of the game was a slow one for the Wolverines, but we finally got our heads in the game and came out with a win. We ended up beating Hawken 3-2 in an exciting game.
JV Football vs Harvey - On September 26th, 2015 the West Geauga Wolverines faced the Harvey Red Raiders at home. From start to finish this game was a complete blowout on both sides of the ball. The Wolverines defense was to much for Harvey's offense to handle, they scored 40 points in the first half. Their defense didn't let up a single point throughout the whole game. An impressive defensive performance was put on by Christian Dibra, he ended the game with 2 interceptions and 6 tackles. An impressive offensive performance was put on by Michael Osters scoring four touchdowns. Come support the West Geauga Wolverines in upcoming games. 
Varsity Girls Soccer vs North -   On September 26th, 2015, the Girls Varsity Soccer Team took on Eastlake North in their annual Kick for the Cure game. The girls won 3-0 with goals from Kayla DiLalla, Hannah Brinning and Hanna Zuzek. Hanna Zuzek and Kayla DiLalla each scored an unassisted goal and Hannah Brinning scored off a cross from Kayla DiLalla. This game advanced the Girls Varsity team to a record of 5-6. The fans helped the team raise over $2000 for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
Powder Puff - On September 30th, 2015, the Junior and Senior girls went head to head in the Powder Puff Football Game. Brittni Mason led the Seniors to victory, having made 3 touchdowns, one of which was 70 yards long. Sydney Hanford contributed as well, scoring one more touchdown for the Senior girls. The Juniors fought hard, with touchdowns made by Sydney Young and Erin Hoeh, but it wasn't enough to match the seniors. The final score was 30-14 Seniors.
Varsity Girls Soccer vs Geneva -  On October 1st, the Varsity Girls Soccer team took on Geneva. At first the girls were behind and then two goals were scored by the end of the second quarter. One goal from Hanna Zuzek with an assist from Erin Hoeh and Erin Hoeh had an unassisted goal. The girls came from behind the second half with another goal from Hanna Zuzek to tie the game 3-3. 
Varsity Football vs Beachwood - On October 2nd, 2015 the Varsity Football team played Beachwood high school. Carmen Engoglia scored two touchdowns, Joey Daddario also scored and the kicker, Christian Dibra made all the extra points. It was an amazing game to watch. We won 42-0. 
JV Football vs Kirtland - On October 3rd, 2015 the Wolverines' JV team took on the Kirtland Hornets. The Wolverines had a slow start to the game on Saturday  morning when the score was 0 all at the end of the first half! The Wolverines offense came out strong in the second half of the game scoring 35 points. An incredible performance by Michael Osters scoring 3 of the 5 TDs. Kirtland could hardly move the ball with the dominating performance by Kyle Gallagher with 15 tackles and 5 being for a loss of yards. The final score of the game was 35-0, Wolverines!
JV Boys Soccer vs Chagrin -  On October 6th, 2015 the West Geauga JV Soccer team battled against Chagrin Falls at home. Spencer Smith came out with a couple of great breakaway saves late in the game and Jack Dorksy scored the lone goal.West Geauga came out on top with an score of 1-0.
Varsity Boys Soccer vs Chagrin Falls  - On October 6th, 2015 the Wolverines took on the Lions on Howell Field. In the beginning of the game West Geauga was losing 0-1. Ben Hester made an amazing goal and tied up the game. Many shots were taken in the second half and both teams managed to score another goal, ending the game with a final score of 2-2.   
Boys Soccer vs Fairview - On October 13th, 2015 the Wolverines Boys Varsity Soccer team took on Fairview. This game was mainly controlled by Fairview, they scored a goal within the first ten minutes of the match. The Wolverines tried to score a goal on a cross from Hester, but it was cleared away. The Wolverines had a few chances in the first and second half of the game but could not score on any of them. A good defensive performance was put on by Ben Ronis and Neil Johnson. Despite their efforts, the Wolverines let up another goal which sealed the deal and ruined their hopes of a come back. The Wolverines lost 2-0, they just got unlucky when it game to defense. Overall, it was a good game put on by both teams.
Varsity Girls Volleyball vs Wickliffe - On October 13th, 2015 the 2015 Girls Varsity Volleyball team took on Wickliffe. They went 4 games with Wickliffe, losing to them 1 game to 3 games. It was a very intense game with the ref calling bogus fouls that mentally took the Wolverines out of the game. Both teams got extremely into the game and it was interesting to watch. The Wolverines tried really hard to win another game, but Wickliffe was just a little better. The girls on both sides did a very good job playing, with a shout out to Nicole Insana and Cassie Carlo for great play. Better luck next time, girls!
Varsity Football vs Perry -  On October 23rd, 2015 the West Geauga Wolverines went head to head with the Perry Pirates! The whole first half was a close game with the score 21-14 at the end of the half. Coming into the second half the Wolverines dominated the Pirates on both sides of the ball. The Wolverines offense came out and scored 4 more TD's to put the Pirates away. The Wolverines defense let up 2 more TD's. The final was 49-28 Wolverines!
Varsity Football vs Chagrin Falls- On October 30th, 2015 the West Geauga Wolverines took on the Chagrin Falls Tigers for the biggest nail bitter of the season! The score was close the whole game going back and forth. With 17 seconds left in the game the Wolverines were down by 3 when Zach Suba makes the play of the century, catching the pass for the Winning TD! Wolverines win 24-21. 
Veteran's Day- On November 11th, 2015 a tribute for Veterans took place at West Geauga High School. Senior Girl Scout troop #70592 organized this event to give thanks to our local Veterans. The VFW post did a flag raising ceremony and the pep band, student led by Tucker Harvey, played the "National Anthem" and "America the Beautiful". Following the ceremony, history classes talked to the Veterans and had a chance to ask them about their experiences. Never forget to shake a Veteran's hand and thank them for serving our country!
Distracted Driving Assembly- On November 13th, 2015 there was a distracted driving assembly at the high school. Law attorney, Erin Hirshman, gave an inspirational speech about driving. The crowd of students was very interactive and respectful. Bracelets were thrown out to students who participated when questions were asked. West Geauga is just one the schools that this program has reached. Cleveland Academy of Trial Attorneys (CATA) has been to 48 states and talked to more than 300,000 students. Hopefully students will now think twice before driving distracted!
Varsity Football vs SVSM -  A historical season came to an end on November 13th, 2015. The West Geauga Wolverines met the Saint Vincent Saint Mary Irish in the second round of the Division III playoffs. The Irish dominated the Wolverines on all sides of the ball holding the Wolverines to zero points for the whole game. Saint V's won 42-0. Disappointing loss for the Wolverines but an amazing season for the Varsity Football Team. The Wolverines ended with a 10-2 record. Great season boys. 
Girls Varsity Basketball vs Kirtland - It was Friday, November 20th, 2015. It was a rather cold night and the West G Girls Basketball team was playing Kirtland. Both JV and Varsity ended up losing. It was their first game of the season and the girls tried their hardest to fight against Kirtland. It was a good game, but we couldn't catch up to Kirtland. Kirtland won 74-38. Better luck next time girls! 
Varsity Swimming vs Independence and Kirtland - The swim team had a great start to their season on Thursday, December 3rd, against Independence and Kirtland. The boys team came in second out of the three teams with 81 points, and the girls team tied for second with Kirtland with 73 points. For the boys, the top scorers were senior Tucker Harvey and junior Austin Maguire with 20 and 18 points respectively. For the girls, the top scorers were freshman Fionna Fisher with 18 points and senior Kelly Karban with 15. Great start to the season, especially for our depleted numbers!
Varsity Girls Basketball vs Geneva- On December 2nd, 2015 the Lady Wolverines took on Geneva played on our home court. Leading the game in the first quarter the Lady Wolverines made some impressive shots and were in the lead heading into the second quarter. However the opposing team took off and continued to lead the game until the end. Despite the loss, the girls kept it together and put up a fight against Geneva with great ball handling by junior Lindsey Stanforth and senior Hannah Zuzek.
JV Girls Basketball vs Geneva - On Wednesday, December 2, 2015 the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team took on Geneva Eagles at home. Having been the girls second game of the season they played their hardest, but the Eagles defense wouldn’t let up. By the end of the night they lost 32-6. Better luck next time girls. 
Varsity Boys Basketball vs Maple Heights - On December 4th, 2015 the West Geauga Wolverines took on the Maple Heights Mustangs. The Mustangs started off strong and the Wolverines could not seem to catch up. Seniors, Ben Hester and Zach Suba had a great game. The cheerleaders kept the spirit up the entire game and had an amazing half time cheer. The game ended with the score of 73-57 in favor of the Mustangs.
JV Boys Basketball vs Maple Heights - On December 4th, the Wolverines took on Maple Heights in a very competitive basketball game. The Wolverines started off slow and could not get anything started, all of their plays failed to convert and the shots wouldn't fall. Maple Heights on the other hand was the complete opposite; the very first play number 11 dunked the ball on a fast break and from then on they scored very easily on the Wolverines. West G picked it up in the second half cutting the lead to 12, but it was still too much for the Wolverines to overcome. Matt Podojil finished the game with 8 points and was the leading scorer for West G. The Wolverines fell short 63-48, but the end of the game showed good signs for future games. Come support the Wolverines in upcoming games.
Varsity Girls Basketball vs Wickliffe – On Saturday, December 5, 2015 the Varsity Girls Basketball team took on the Wickliffe Blue Devils. The girls played an amazing game keeping up the pressure and by halftime the score was 35-6. In the second half the girls kept up the good work and won the game with a score of 63-17. Congratulations girls and good luck at your next game!  
Winter Band Concert - On December 10th, the Concert, Symphonic, and Jazz bands performed numerous beautiful songs, led by Mr. Branch and Mrs. Cosenza. The concert ended with a surprise performance by the 'Super Band.' The super band is when all students, from all bands, congregate together to play music as a whole. The played the traditional 'Carol of the Bells' because of the upcoming holidays. 
Academic Pinning Ceremony – On the morning of Thursday, December 10, 2015 the Academic Pinning Ceremony took place. Anyone who had received at least a 3.75 GPA and was present at school 95% percent of the time during the previous school year was invited to join. During the ceremony our superintendent, Dr. Rich Markwardt, was present to receive his own pin. Following the ceremony all the awardees were invited to enjoy a breakfast in the lunchroom.  
Swimming vs Hawken  -  On December 15th, the West Geauga Swimmers took on Hawken and Geneva at the Hawken pool. The reigning state champions beat both the girls and boys team, but the boys and girls both beat Geneva. Top girl scorers against Geneva were Kelly Karban with 10 points and Fiona Fisher right behind her with 9.25 points. The girls top scorer against Hawken was Grace Platek with 3.25 points. Tucker Harvey, Austin Maguire, Mitch Owens, and Chase Waterman each had 2.5 points against Hawken and 11 points against Geneva.
Freshman Boys vs Wickliffe - On December 15th, the Wolverines took on the Blue Devils. This was a very low scoring game from both teams. The Wolverines started off slow, but Jackson Grueber changed that when he hit two three pointers and had a steal on defense. At the half the score was only 22-18 with the Wolverines leading. The Wolverines exploded in the second half when they were hitting every shot they took and busted open the lead by scoring 8 consecutive points, making the score 36- 22. With momentum on their side, the Wolverines were able to close out the game and win. Come support the freshman team!
JV Boys Basketball vs Wickliffe - On December 15th, the boys took on the Wickliffe Devils. It was a close game the whole time, but in the 4th quarter Junior Cole Khas came out and scored the winning points. Cole Khas played a great game and helped us come out on top. We beat the Devils 53-48. Good game boys!
Varsity Boys vs Wickliffe - On December 15th, the boys took on the Wickliffe Devils. Seniors Ben Hester, Andrew O'Donnell and Michael Archiable had a great game and scored many points. Junior Micah Young also had a great game on both ends of the court. The boys played very well and would've came out on top, but we couldn't pull away. The game came to an end with the Devil's beating us 53-63. Better luck next time!!
JV Girls vs Beachwood - On December 16th, the lady Wolverines took on the Beachwood Bison. Early on there was a lot of scoring from both teams. Bridgette Sexton was a key player on offense, she scored 8 points and had a few assists. The Wolverines played lockdown defense the entire game only allowing 17 points in the first half. The Lady Wolverines were too much for Beachwood to handle, the final score was 34-24. Come support your JV lady Wolverines! 
Cafe Achieve Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - On January 6th, 2016 Cafe Achieve and Mr. Bishop presented all the gracious donations and financial help the store has received over the past year. Juniors; Anna Murray, Olivia Pecharka, Alyssa Pecharka and Senior; Madisen Milligan helped hold and cut the ribbon alongside the help of Marin, Megan and Shelbey from Cafe Achieve. Mr. Bishop thanked and recognized every organization and family that helped make Cafe Achieve become what it is today. We can't wait to see what else is in store for our fabulous looking cafe. Thank you to everyone who helped, donated, and contributed all of their time into making this happen. We are so grateful. 
Freshman Boys Basketball vs Geneva - On January 12th, 2015 the West G Wolverines took on the Geneva Eagles. The Wolverines took charge and had an excellent game. Number 35, Mario Gosen, scored a lot of points for the team, especially through his consistent free throws. The final score was 54-29 in favor of West G. Great work boys and good luck at your next game!
Varsity Boys Basketball vs Harvey - On January 15th, 2016 the West G Wolverines took on the Harvey Red Raiders. The wolverines had an excellent game and stayed on top the whole time. Harvey almost caught up to us but we kept our game on point! Seniors Ben Hester, Andrew O'Donnell, and Zach Suba had an amazing game! Junior Micah Young did as well. We won 73-66. Good job boys!!
Freshman Boys Basketball vs Beachwood - On January 22, 2016 the Freshman Boys Basketball Team took on the Beachwood Bison’s. The boys started off strong. However, with a last minute 3 point score from the bison’s in the first half, the boy ended with a score of 16-25. The boys tried to pull ahead in the second half but could not accomplish the task and ended the game with a loss. Better luck next time boys.  
JV Girls Basketball vs Perry - On January 23, 2016 the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Team played against the Perry Pirates. The girls tried hard in the first half of the game but could not pull through and ended the first half with a score of 16-31. The second half the girls started off strong making the first shot. However, they could not make-up the points from the previous half and ended the game with a loss. 
Varsity Girls Basketball vs Perry - On January 23, 2016 the Varsity girls Basketball Team took on the Perry Pirates. The Girls took many shots on the court, however, could not make it into the basket. The girls tried hard to come back during the second half, however, lost to the pirates with a score of 29-36. Better luck next time girls!!
Science Fair -  On January 30th, West Geauga students participated in the Kiwanis Science Fair. Our first place winner was Antonio Linek taking second place was Lexi Ober and our third place winner was Shannon Stanforth. The math competition included many smart individuals with Jorge Mirabelli taking first place, Benny Johnson taking second and Drew Heatwole taking third. The Junk Box Wars was a close race. The team of  Alyssa Posante, Grace Barber, and Jenna Curtis took first. Benny Johnson, Connor Winter,  and Jennifer Humanchuk took a close second. 
Varsity Girls Basketball vs Harvey - The West Geauga Girls Varsity Basketball Team hosted Painsville Harvey on February 3, 2016. This night also marked the 20th year of coaching with the West Geauga Girls Basketball Program for head coach, Cheryl Rye. Alumni from the past 20 years joined the current team in congratulating their coach, mentor and friend on this huge accomplishment. The girls then crushed Harvey 43-29. Senior, Hanna Zuzek, led the team with 20 points and Jenna Kijauskas followed up with 12 points. Come support the girls as they travel to Chagrin on February 6, 2016 at 6:30 PM. Good luck in the rest of your season, girls!
Gymnastics CVC - On February 2nd, 2016 the West Geauga gymnastics team competed in the Chagrin Valley Conference that was held in the high school gym. Many gymnasts from different schools participated and did very well. Congratulations to Caroline Wolfhope, she placed on every event. The Anges did amazing as well; Sami placed on beam, bars, and floor and Lexy placed on floor and vault. Overall, West G placed first out of the teams. Great job ladies!
Freshman Basketball vs Perry- On February 2nd, 2016 the Wolverines took on the Perry Pirates. Perry had the lead almost the entire game, but West G kept the score very close. The team worked very well together and had some amazing passes. Number 12, Marco Formachelli, played a great game. The final score was 55-47 in favor of the Pirates. Good luck to all basketball teams as their season comes to a close!
CVC Wrestling Tournament - On February 5th/6th, the West Geauga Wolverines took 3rd place as a team at the tournament. There were many finalists from West G. West G had two CVC champions and three CVC runner-ups. Joe Fornaro pinned his opponent from Cardinal in the finals match. Evan Vetturini won by a decision against his opponent from Harvey. They were both CVC champs. Adam Williams, Gino Fornaro, and Kyle Gallagher all took second place in the tournament. 
Varsity Girls Basketball vs Berkshire-  Recently, the Lady Wolverines Varsity Basketball team took on the Berkshire Badgers at home. There was a good crowd to cheer the girls on. The girls played extremely well with many shots made by Lindsey Stanforth and Regina Ziccardi. The Lady Wolverines were ahead at half time, which carried through to the next 2 quarters giving the Lady Wolverines a well deserved victory. 
Varsity Boys vs Chagrin - On February 5th, the Wolverines took on the Chagrin Falls Tigers. The Wolverines came out very strong on offense. They scored 23 points in the first quarter leading the Tigers by three points. The second quarter was a different story, the Tigers completely outscored the Wolverines taking the lead by half time. During the second half, the Wolverines had trouble containing the Tigers offense. Micah Young was a huge reason the game was close, he scored 14 points and played lock down defense. The Wolverines lost 68-58 in a hard fought battle. Come support the Wolverines in upcoming games! 
JV Boys vs Chagrin - On February 5th, the JV Wolverines took on the Chagrin Falls Tigers. This was a tight game from start to finish. Cole Khas was a huge reason why the Wolverines were in the game, he scored 12 points and played lock down defense. Nico Morgano also had a solid game scoring 14 points and he hit a clutch three. The Tigers hit a big three at the end of the game and the Wolverines did not have an answer. The Tigers won 54-51 in a heartbreaking loss. Come support the JV Wolverines!
Varsity Boys vs Hawken - On February 11th, the Wolverines took on the Hawken Hawks. It was a fast game to which the Wolverines kept their guard up and tried so hard to beat the Hawks. It was a very close game and in the end of the third quarter, the game was tied 40-40. The Wolverines soon led the game but then fell back as quickly as they rose. It was an interesting game and the boys tried hard to keep the score up. Unfortunately, the Wolverines lost 68-61. Good luck next Tuesday boys!
Varsity Boys vs. Padua - On February 17th, 2016 the Varsity Wolverines took on the Padua Bruines. It was a good game. Chris Zannetti was the major score player in the game. Andrew O'Donnell and Ben Hester had a good game as well, along with Michael Archiable. The Wolverines started out really good, only being down by 1 thanks to Ben Hester's 3 pointer. At the end of the second quarter, we were tied. We then started to lose. The boys still tried hard to come back. Unfortunately we lost, 68-57. Good luck in the playoffs!!!  
Spring Band Concert  - On Thursday March 3rd, 2016 Mr. Branch and Mrs. Cosenza orchestrated the West Geauga Concert band, symphonic band, and Jazz band. First, Mr. Branch conducted the jazz band playing crowd, as well as band, favorites such as "Hey Pachuco". Next, Mrs. Cosenza led the concert portion of the band in playing a variety of songs. A popular song that the Concert band played was "La Madre De Los Gatos" or "The mother of the cats". Finally, Branch concluded the concert by leading the Symphonic band. The concert was a big success.
The Drowsy Chaperone- West Geauga High School put on an amazing performance of The Drowsy Chaperone, written by Bob Martin and  Don McKellar.  Leading the show was junior Joe Harbert as the man in the chair guiding the audience through the show, giving backgrounds on characters such as Janet Van de Graff (played by Gabrielle Trout, Senior), Robert Martin (played by Robin McBride, Freshman), and of course the drowsy chaperone herself (played by Angela Warholic, senior). The show filled the audience with laughter with not one dull moment. 
Wrestling State Tournament - Joe Fornaro placed 6th in Ohio's Division II state tournament. Joe finished his senior year 33 - 11 and had 121 career wins, moving into 5th place all time at West Geauga ! He was also a CVC Champ, 2x placer at Top Gun and a District champ this season. Outstanding job. Joe becomes our 36th qualifier & 16th state placer.
Varsity Baseball vs Walsh Jesuit - On March 30, 2016 the Varsity Baseball Team had their home opener against Walsh Jesuit on the new turf field. The boys started off strong, keeping the score tied until the third inning. During the third inning the boys tried hard, however, many runs were made against them. The boys ended the game with a losing score of 13-0. Better luck next game.
JV Lacrosse vs SVSM - On Friday, April 1st, the Wolverines took on the Irish. The team started off the beginning of the game strong and kept up the lead the entire time. The boys showed amazing teamwork and great sportsmanship. This was a very high scoring game for the Wolverines. Even goalie, Brice Townsend, took the ball down the field and assisted in a goal. The final score was 15-2. Great job boys!

Varsity Lacrosse vs SVSM - On April 1, 2016 the Varsity Lacrosse Team had their home opener against St. Vincent St. Mary(SVSM). The boys started off slow and by the end of the first quarter had a losing score of 2-5. However, slowly they started to build momentum and had the lead against SVSM until the last few seconds before halftime when SVSM made a goal making the halftime score 8-8. The boys won the game with a final score of 13-15.

Varsity Lacrosse vs Gilmore - On April 2, 2016 the Varsity Lacrosse Team had their second game of the season away at Gilmore. The boys started off strong and took the lead early on ending the first half of the game with a score of 2-7. The boys kept the momentum up and ended the game with a win of 15-4. Keep up the winning streak and good luck next game. 

Varsity Softball vs Garfield Heights- On April 5, the Wolverines took on Garfield Heights at home. The girls battled for 7 innings and pulled out a 10-7 win with big hits from Kendalle Sexton, Kayla Lorenzo, Sami Ange, Mia Manella and Sophia Vidal. The Sexton sisters, Kendalle and Bridgette, locked up the infield on defense at short and 2nd base allowing almost nothing through! Mia Manella pitched 7 solid innings with 9 strikeouts. Come supports the girls as travel to take on Wickliffe on Friday, April 8th! 
Varsity Lacrosse vs Canton Central Catholic- On Wednesday April 6th, the Wolverines faced the Crusaders. The varsity lacrosse team is filled with many talented athletes and this game really showed it. At the end of the second quarter, West Geauga was up by 4 points. The boys continued to make great shots and only gave up a couple goals in the second half. Trent Fritzsche was one of many players to score a goal for the team. The game ended with a score of 11-5 in favor of the Wolverines. They are off to an amazing start, come out and support the lacrosse teams!
Kim Fish Fundraiser- On April 8, 2016 the West Geauga community came together at West Geauga High School to support Ms. Fish, who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. West Geauga hosted a benefit which included a 3 on 3 basketball tournament run by Ms. Emans, a pasta dinner, a Chinese auction, raffle baskets generously donated by companies and people from the community, and a special Canvas Night hosted by Art Club run by Mrs. Janke. A special performance was played by the West Geauga High School jazz band. Thank you to all that attended or supported in any way!
JV Lacrosse vs Revere- On Wednesday, April 13th the Wolverines faced the Patriots. Revere was a tough match and took the lead throughout the game. The boys tried their best, but unfortunately Revere has a very strong team this season.  Goalie, Brice Townsend, had many shots taken against him. The Wolverines lost the game with a final score of 1-13. 
Varsity Lacrosse vs Revere- The crowd roared during this nail-biting game on Wednesday, April 13. Our varsity boys took on Revere in a close game until the very last second, leading the match into overtime: a sudden death. Sophomore Jake Curtis scored the final goal, resulting in a 7-6 victory for the wolverines. 
West Geauga Track Invitational -  On April 15th, West G hosted the annual its home Track Invitational. West G's Brittni Mason won the 100 and 200 meter race. Also, Alison D’Allesandro won the pole vault with a jump of 10 feet. Dakota Medley was the men's standout for distance running. Good luck track team during the remaining season! 
Varsity Baseball vs Fairport - On April 20th, the Wolverines took on Fairport at home. It was a beautiful sunny day out. The Wolverines started off strong with a good performance by Nick Darrah with some great plays at first base. After the first 2 innings, it started to go downhill when defensive errors started to pile up. Fairport scored 5 unanswered runs. In the bottom of the 7th, Danny Matic smashed the ball into left center field sparking a rally for the Wolverines. They were stopped short only scoring two runs and could not pull of the victory. The final score was 5-2 Fairport, come out and support your Wolverines! 
Mock Accident - On April 28th, a few students acted as if they were in a serious accident where a drunk driver was involved. The Chesterland police and fire came to the school to act out the situation with the students. This is a very serious procedure and everyone watching was dead silent. The moral of the mock accident was to NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE on prom night! All involved also want students to have fun on prom night, but to make good choices. 
 Senior College Day - On April 29th, all of West Geauga's High School Seniors signed to their committed college. The senior came down during their English period and signed to their college. The seniors have come so far and have done so much this year. Everyone is proud to see this years seniors spread across the country. Congrats on everyone signing!! Good luck next year!
Varsity Baseball vs Perry - On May 3rd, the Wolverines took on the Pirates. The Wolverines were coming into this game with a winning streak. They looked very strong defensively with no errors in the field and great plays by Nick Darrah. The pirates were also playing a very strong defensive game. In the 5th inning, their were a couple of errors leading to 4 runs. The Wolverines tried to get on base but every time they hit the ball, it went right to the center fielder. The Wolverines lost this game 4-0 despite the amazing effort in the field.
Varsity Boys Lacrosse vs Eastlake - On May 5th, the Wolverine Lacrosse Team took on Eastlake North. The boys came out strong ending halftime 9-0. Neil Johnson, Ben Ronis, Jake Curtis, Will Snyder and many others contributed to the 20-0 finish. The lacrosse team is looking great this year with a record of 13-1. 
Varsity Baseball vs Perry - On April 4th, the Wolverines took on the Pirates in a rematch. This game was very disappointing for the Wolverines, they were having trouble on defense and could not get any hits. The Pirates on the other hand were stellar defensively and were on a very good hitting streak. The 1st baseman from Perry hit a grand slam to put the Pirates up by six runs. The final score was 13-2. Come support the Wolverines In their playoff game on May 11th.
Varsity Lacrosse vs NDCL (Tourney) -  On May 19th, the Wolverines Lacrosse team took on NDCL in their first playoff game of the season. West G started the game with three goals by Trent Fritzsche, Jake Curtis, and Neil Johnson. The NDCL Lions never had a chance from the first face-off. The Wolverines will advance in the playoffs with a 15-8 win over Notre Dame and continue their great season. Great job guys! Come out and support West G's best sports team!    
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