Elementary Students Participate in Kiwanis STEM Fair

Fifteen students from Westwood and Lindsey Elementary Schools participated in the Kiwanis Science Fair this year in the individual science fair experiments event.
The topics ranged from "How Does Air Pressure Affect the Distance a Soccer Ball Goes" by Emily Fousek to "Does the Surface Area of a Pot Affect the Time it Takes for Water to Boil? by Wolfi Mueller to "Does Classical Music Affect Accuracy on Timed Math Tests?" by Conor McHale. 
The students learned and put into practice the steps of the scientific method, including asking a question, forming a hypothesis, planning and conducting an experiment, analysis of data, making tables and graphs, drawing conclusions, and checking for experimental errors.
Many students who participated learned so much more. Maveric Milnar worked with a local woman who makes maple syrup and maple candy to complete his project, "How Does Boiling Temperature Affect the Viscosity of Maple Syrup?"  
While meeting with the judges, Matthew Furst, who did a project on which type of salt melts ice faster, found out that one of the judges was working on their own experiment which dealt with melting ice faster using beet juice. He's already designed his own experiment to see if he can replicate their results at home! 
Baylan Semplak, Anna Byrum, and Nolan Long worked with family members and friends who are professors or work in labs to study about their projects including the effects of SPF on yeast cells placed in ultraviolet lights, or how washing hands with soap or hand sanitizer affects the amount of bacteria that grow.. The connections that the students made with their family members, friends, and people who work in the science fields did much to enhance the lessons learned.
Pictured: Ben Bellett, currently a Lindsey fifth grader, won third place in the middle school division.
This article was submitted by Anna Laubscher.


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