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1)     Juice pouches-any brand can be recycled (no juice boxes).  The straw should be removed but it does not have to be rinsed out.  For every juice pouch that is recycled the school receives $.02.
2)    Candy wrappers/candy bags-any brand or size, it can also be the large bag of candy or multi-pack bags (no candy boxes).  For every wrapper or bag that is recycled the school receives $.02.
3)    Lunchables-any brand, we recycle the plastic containers and the plastic film covering the container. For every plastic container or plastic film the school receives $.02
4)    Glue sticks/bottles-any empty glue stick or bottle.  For every bottle or glue stick that is recycled the school receives $.02.
5)    Target Credit Card-Take Charge of Education program
If you have a Target Visa, please register at www.target.com
  Click on “Take Charge of Education”
  Click on “Find/Designate a School” our school earns 1% of your purchases.
6)     Heinens-Tasteful Rewards - Register at www.heinensrewards.com
Enter email address and your password (you also will need your Preferred Customer Card number)
Click on “Profile” in top right corner of page
Select Westwood Elementary and Click on “Save” on bottom of page
      Our school earns 1% of your purchases (must register every year)
7)    Giant Eagle-Apples for Students program-register your rewards card at www.gianteagle.com 
Giant Eagle rewards points to Westwood that can be used to purchase valuable educational tools for the school           
             Enter Apples for the Students in search engine
             Click on “Apples for the Students”
             Click on “Enroll in Apples for the Students” – you will need your Giant Eagle Advantage Card number and select Westwood
8)    Sunny D – save your UPC labels from your Sunny D bottles and the school earns books for the classrooms
9)    Campbell Soup-cut out the “Labels for Education” with the UPC attached and our school earns educational equipment
10) Boxtops –cut them out and turn them in, they helps us earn money for our school
Any questions about any of these promotions please contact Donna Walkuski at 729-1249 or email at turboto@netzero.net

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