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West Geauga District App for iPhone and Android

We now have a district app for iOS and Android phones and tablets. You will be able to get regular infomation about district and school news, athletic events, Progress Book, calendars and more through the app.

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Did you know???????

The reading classes in Mrs. Scott's fifth grade are all participating in a Reading challenge this year. The students are challenged to read 30 books this school year of various genres.  Encourage your children to read!!

Aerial View of Howell Field
West Geauga appears about 50 seconds into the video.
Special thanks to Andre Bernier for allowing the use of this video!
Click here to go to Andre's YouTube page.

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September Viking Voice

You can read our newsletter by clicking the tab to the left!

Safe Snack Food List

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all students. While some allergic reactions can be mild, students with severe food allergies can experience serious, even potentially life-threatening symptoms.

Shared Snack List

Ohio's New Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Please click the link's below to find more information about the new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA).

Kindergarten Readiness Handout

Ohio Department of Educaiton- KRA Link

Third grade reading guarantee

Please look under our "forms and downloads" tab at the left to find information from the state about the third grade reading guarantee.